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Facility:Innovate is a sister company of The Facility Architects, born from our innovative R&D projects. The devices we develop convert the mechanical movement associated with footsteps or transport vibration into useful electricity. Our energy harvesting initiatives have arisen from years of experience in environmental architecture. This includes constructing an entire building from recycled materials and creating a school building that doesn't require heating.
The Facility
5 Dec 2022

Eat Just: Good Meat

Eat Just is an alternative proteins company. It is famous for its Good Meat product, the first cell-cultured meat hybrid product to commercialize.
29 Nov 2022

BASF: Methane Pyrolysis Process

BASF is a German multinational chemical company and the largest chemical producer in the world. This company profile discusses BASF's methane pyrolysis technology, which it has been developing since 2010 as part of its Carbon Management R&D program.
21 Nov 2022

CO₂ Capsol

CO₂ Capsol is a Norwegian technology provider of post-combustion carbon capture systems that uses hot potassium carbonate (HPC) as a solvent. In October 2022, IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Hydra Rodrigues spoke with Johan Jungholm, Chief Commercial Officer at CO₂ Capsol, during the Carbon Capture Technology Expo Europe 2022 in Bremen, Germany.
30 Sep 2022

CMS Closes Series of High Profile Battery Storage Deals

International law firm CMS has closed five significant battery storage deals in recent months, reinforcing the firm's position in this space.
16 Sep 2022

Britishvolt: A New Giga Factory for the UK

Britishvolt is a UK-based company setting up a lithium-ion cell production facility in the North East. The company is in the early stages, without production capacity yet, but with the ambition to be generating 50GWh.
7 Sep 2022

Synhelion Starts Construction of DAWN to Produce Solar Fuels

Synhelion marks the start of construction work on DAWN - the world's first industrial plant to produce synthetic fuels using solar heat. Located in Jülich, Germany, the facility will be the first to demonstrate the entire process from concentrating sunlight to producing synthetic liquid fuel on an industrial scale. SWISS will be the first airline to fly using the CO2-neutral solar kerosene produced there.
6 Sep 2022

Small Scale Pumped Heat Energy Storage System Demonstrated

Southwest Research Institute in collaboration with Malta Inc has completed assembly and commissioning of the first-of-its-kind pumped heat (or thermal) energy storage demonstration facility.
30 Aug 2022

Coast: Autonomous Shuttles and Utility Vehicles

Coast is a start-up that is working on a 'ground-up' purpose-built autonomous shuttle. The shuttle is currently in the prototype phase, but other autonomous utility vehicles are being trialled by industry partners.
29 Aug 2022

A New Concept for Low Cost Batteries

Made from inexpensive, abundant materials, an aluminum-sulfur battery could provide low-cost backup storage for renewable energy sources.
12 Aug 2022

Precision Micro

Precision Micro is a UK-based photochemical etching company. IDTechEx spoke with Rachael O'Connor (Sales Manager) with respect to metal bipolar plates for fuel cells.
12 Aug 2022

International Space Station Tests Organisms, Materials in Space

Space may look empty, but it contains extreme temperatures, high levels of background radiation, micrometeoroids, and the unfiltered glare of the Sun. In addition, materials and equipment on the outside of the International Space Station are exposed to atomic oxygen and other charged particles as it orbits the Earth at the very edge of our atmosphere. Only the hardiest materials, equipment, and organisms can withstand this harsh environment, and scientists conducting research on the orbiting laboratory have identified some of them for a variety of potential uses.
12 Aug 2022

Waymo: Autonomous Trucking

Waymo is one of the key players and leaders in both autonomous trucking and robotaxis. It has backing from Alphabet (parent company of Google). Waymo is running daily commercial trips (with a safety driver) for potential partners and expanding its fleet and operations ready for full autonomous missions.
11 Aug 2022

Mercedes Hypercar with Formula 1 Technology Goes Into Production

Only 275 units will be built in total, and job#1 of the exclusive production of the Mercedes‑AMG ONE hypercar has now begun. The first customer vehicles will be delivered in the second half of 2022. The Formula 1 based hybrid powertrain with a 1.6-litre V6 turbo engine and four electric motors is being built by the motorsport experts at Mercedes‑AMG High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth (England), who are also responsible for developing and producing the Power Units for the Mercedes‑AMG Petronas F1 racing cars.
29 Jul 2022


iUNU are an industrial computer vision company, founded in 2013 with headquarters in Seattle. The company provides data analytics and automation systems for greenhouse monitoring.
28 Jul 2022

Vertical Farming: Location a Key Factor to Success

Vertical farming, the practice of growing crops indoors on vertically stacked layers, has received no small amount of interest over the last few years. The recent IDTechEx report, "Vertical Farming 2022-2032", details the economic and technological factors shaping this rapidly growing industry.
18 Jul 2022


Founded in a2016, ANYbotics is a Swiss spin-off from ETH Zurich specializing in legged robots used for inspection. Its product, ANYmal D, is the fourth-generation product and is priced at around €140,000.
12 Jul 2022

Nikola: Electric Truck

Nikola are an American company manufacturing battery electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles.
5 Jul 2022

Volvo to Build Electric Cars at a New Plant in Slovakia

Volvo Cars will establish a third manufacturing plant in Europe, positioning the company well to meet the continued demand from its customers for electric cars and capture future growth potential. The new state-of-the-art plant will be climate neutral and build only electric cars, underpinning the company's ambition to become fully electric by 2030 and climate neutral by 2040, and to continue expanding its global production capacity to match its growth ambitions.
29 Jun 2022


Organifarms is a robotics company, founded in 2020 with headquarters in Germany. The company demonstrated their strawberry harvesting robot at the GreenTech 2022 event.
28 Jun 2022

Velo3D Opens New European Technical Center in Augsburg, Germany,

Velo3D Inc announced the opening of its European Technology Center in Augsburg, Germany to manage the company's operations in Europe, host customers for trainings, and conduct meetings with customers and partners.