The Facility

The Facility

Facility:Innovate is a sister company of The Facility Architects, born from our innovative R&D projects. The devices we develop convert the mechanical movement associated with footsteps or transport vibration into useful electricity. Our energy harvesting initiatives have arisen from years of experience in environmental architecture. This includes constructing an entire building from recycled materials and creating a school building that doesn't require heating.
The Facility
6 Aug 2020


CureMetrix's product, cmAssist, is a computer-aided detection (CAD) software that utilises image recognition AI to help radiologists identify regions of interest on mammograms.
6 Jul 2020


SOLIDpower is one of the main company producing solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC).
30 Jun 2020


Arrival is a promising UK-based startup with ambitious plans to be the first to produce electric commercial vehicles at a competitive upfront price-point.
29 Jun 2020

WM Motor

WM Motor is a Chinese start-up focusing on designing and develop battery electric passenger cars.
15 Jun 2020

Nordics' Largest Battery Storage Unit

Neoen is announcing the construction in Finland of Yllikkälä Power Reserve One, a new 30 MW energy storage plant with a storage capacity of 30 MWh. The facility is set to play a key role in stabilizing the national electricity system managed by Fingrid.
16 May 2020

Green Hydrogen System

Green Hydrogen System is a Danish company which manufactures alkaline electrolysers, from medium to large scale applications.
14 May 2020

3 GWh Redox Flow Battery Production Facility for Saudi Arabia

Nusaned Investment and SCHMID Group have closed the JV transaction in Saudi Arabia focusing on manufacturing and technology development in the field of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries.
14 Apr 2020

Lordstown Motors

Lordstown Motors is an American EV startup developing an all-electric pickup truck
10 Apr 2020

Pervasive Displays Increases Manufacturing Capacity

The use of increased automation reduces the human interaction required in the lamination process, one of the many critical phases of e-paper display production.
3 Apr 2020

Enovix Secures $45 Million to Produce 3D Silicon Lithium-ion Battery

Enovix Corporation has secured $45 million in new funds to produce and commercialize its 3D Silicon Lithium-ion Battery.
25 Mar 2020

Advanced Electric Machines Ltd

Advanced Electric Machines (AEM) produce a novel form of electric motor which has no reliance on rare-earths or copper windings. AEM have a partnership and applications within commerical vehicles and are looking to expand even further.
11 Mar 2020

UK's First Electric Forecourt Under Construction, Opening Summer 2020

The first of a nationwide network of over 100 Electric Forecourts is now under construction and will open this summer. The Electric Forecourt near Braintree, Essex, can charge 24 electric vehicles at once with superchargers that can deliver up to 350kW of charging power, enabling people to charge vehicles within 20-30 minutes initially, and much faster in the future as battery technologies mature.
2 Mar 2020

InnovationLab GmbH

InnovationLab GmbH was established in 2008. At first, it received funding from the government (from Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung). However, since 2013 it claims to be standing on its own feet and to be cash-flow positive.
25 Feb 2020

Schneider Electric (Energy Storage)

Schneider Electric SE is a French multinational corporation. The company began to include software, critical power and smart grid applications, through strategic acquisitions, into its business in 2010.
19 Feb 2020

Aggreko Generators Powered by Biogas Deliver Cost Savings

Aggreko plc is working with RE Power Group to produce electricity from clean biogas for a facility in Thailand.
7 Feb 2020

Waste-to-Energy Project for Australia

Masdar has made its first investment in Australia after acquiring a 40 per cent stake in the country's second utility-scale waste-to-energy facility, the company.
29 Jan 2020

Massive Battery Proposed Near Retired Coal Plant

The Navajo Energy Storage Station is a pumped storage hydropower facility that would use water from Lake Powell and a new reservoir on a plateau above the lake to create a gigantic battery. The facility would use cheap, abundant solar and wind energy to pump water to the upper reservoir, then release it through turbines to generate 10 hours of renewable energy each day to power cities in California, Arizona and Nevada when demand peaks late in the day and through the night.
28 Jan 2020

Imagination Garden Inc.

Imagination Garden is a Korean company that produce Smart Farms, high-tech hydroponic farms that can grow produce extremely efficiently in almost any location, including the centres of cities. The company uses AI to automate much of the growing process and ensure that plants get the exact nutrients that they need at any one time. In January 2020, IDTechEx Analyst Dr Michael Dent spoke with Soobin Kim, Founder and CEO of Imagination Garden.
28 Jan 2020

BESIX Awarded New BOT Contract in Waste-to-Resource Sector in Dubai

BESIX will build and operate for 16.5 years renewable energy production facilities at Al Qusais, Dubai. The Landfill Gas-to-Energy contract was awarded to BESIX by Dubai Municipality.
30 Dec 2019

First Long Duration, Liquid Air Energy Storage System in the US

Highview Power Storage and Encore Renewable Energy jointly announced plans to develop the United States' first long duration, liquid air energy storage system. This facility will be a minimum of 50MW, provide in excess of eight hours of storage and will be located in northern Vermont.