Dr James Edmondson Technology Analyst

Dr James Edmondson BSc MPhys MSc PhD is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx. Having started in 2019, he specialises in the field of market research for materials and thermal management in electric vehicles and 5G technology.
He studied for his BSc MPhys in Physics at the University of Warwick, he then went on to study for his MSc PhD in Analytical Science also at the University of Warwick. His specialist area was on the use of electrochemical scanning probe microscopy techniques for mapping structure and functionality of materials at the nanoscale.
He has been the lead author of a publication in ChemElectroChem and a contributing author on a large review in Analytical Chemistry.
Research Field
With IDTechEx James has focussed on the electric vehicle and 5G markets, considering the thermal management of these areas and the associated material concerns. James has completed reports on thermal management for 5G and electric vehicles in addition to materials for electric vehicles. He has also carried out extensive company interviews, premium articles and bespoke consultancy projects in these areas.

Speaking at Forthcoming Events

World Vehicles Thermal Management System Tech Innovation Conference & EXPO 2021
Virtual Event - 19 - 21 May 2021
World Vehicles Thermal Management System Tech Innovation Conference & EXPO 2021 is an international high-end automotive thermal management system summit hosted by ECA Automotive and supported by many industry organizations and enterprises. The conference will focus on presenting the latest case studies and sharing the most innovative values and technologies in Thermal Management. WVTMS has successfully held the automotive thermal management conferences for six years since 2016. The cumulative participation scale of WVTMS is close to 4000, attracting the participation of top 100 global automobile thermal management enterprises. Most of the participants are middle and high-level enterprises. It has become a benchmark platform for global automobile thermal management system industry exchange and coopteseration. WVTMS2021 takes "New Globalization, Speculation, Technology Subversion, Innovation Landing" as the theme. Combined with the actual case of thermal management development, it deeply discusses the core technology and future trend of thermal management development of new energy vehicles, aiming to seek the best solution for understanding heat management, help to build safer and more comfortable new energy vehicles, and at the same time, it is committed to promoting automobile Green and sustainable development of automobile industry.


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