James Hayward Principal Analyst

James is a Principal Analyst at IDTechEx. Joining in 2014, he initially developed IDTechEx's wearable technology platform. He now oversees a team of analysts across varied topic areas, as well as oversight over the wearable technology research efforts. This area now includes reports looking at the technology and markets around wearable devices, wearable sensors, electronic skin patches, e-textiles, augmented, mixed and virtual reality (AR, MR, VR) and more. He has also worked on reports and led projects in many parallel areas, on topics including haptics, sensors, displays, stretchable electronics, advanced materials, user interfaces and other related topics.
IDTechEx also provide a tailored subscription service, giving customers real-time access to research from IDTechEx analysts across a series of emerging technology areas. James has published hundreds of company profiles and articles via this service, as well as developing and managing the overall product for IDTechEx. This product gives access for all the companies interviewed by IDTechEx's analyst time to be part of not only research reports, but key technology decision makers and scouts at leading technology companies and investment firms around the world.
James also speaks regularly both at IDTechEx's own events and other external events around the world on a variety of technology topics. In addition, James curates IDTechEx's Wearable Technology conferences, running each year in Santa Clara, CA and in Berlin, Germany.
James is based in Cambridge, UK.
Prior to joining IDTechEx, James graduated with 1st Class Honours from Imperial College London, where he completed an MSci in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry. This included research placements in topics including novel printed electronic systems and membrane biophysics, including the fabrication of drug delivery devices based on artificial cells.
Research field
James leads IDTechEx's research around markets and enabling technologies for wearable electronics. This includes authorship of leading market research and technology scouting reports focusing on several technology and application areas including:
  • Wearable Technology
  • Electronic Skin Patches
  • Electronic textiles (e-textiles)
  • Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality (AR, VR, MR)
  • Stretchable and Conformal Electronics
  • Wearable Sensors
  • Haptics
  • User Interfaces
These reports provide the backbone of coverage in these topics, which are evolving to include more areas such as biofeedback systems, neural interfaces, assistive actuators, robotics and artificial intelligence. James works with clients around the world, from small startups and research groups to Fortune 100 companies, assisting with strategy, technology scouting and new business development. Some examples of projects can be read here, with a sample of some specific project titles (NDA permitting) as follows:
  • Strategy development for new user interface technologies
  • Performance targets for an emerging electronic device
  • Developing an e-textile ecosystem for a traditional textile manufacturer
  • Application targets for electroactive polymers
  • Assessment of chip transfer technologies
  • Assessment of novel audio technology for electronic devices


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