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Fuel Cell Vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles
Fuel cells (FC), particularly those based on hydrogen, have long been heralded as the solution for electric transportation. While batteries have stolen the scene in recent years, IDTechEx has identified a number of applications where FCs can offer a better solution than Li-ion batteries, especially when it comes to range and fast refuelling. We believe this market can potentially boom to reach $200B by 2029.
In this webinar, Dr Lorenzo Grande provides an overview of key technology developments that impact on fuel cell market growth. Lorenzo is a senior technology analyst at IDTechEx and has prior experience in energy storage research.
Topics covered in this webinar include:
  • Basics of PEM fuel cells
  • New developments in 2017 and 2018
  • Market drivers and main obstacles
  • Main fuel cell players worldwide
  • What the main challenges to commercialisation have been, historically
  • The state of the art of fuel cell cars
  • The underlying opportunities in commercial vehicles and other EV categories
This webinar is based on the new IDTechEx report titled Fuel Cell Vehicles 2019-2029 - New Markets and Applications.


Dr Lorenzo Grande
Dr Lorenzo Grande
Senior Technology Analyst