EMI shielding is an essential attribute of many modern electronic circuits, especially those used for wireless communications. As connected devices continue to proliferate, transitions in how EMI shielding is provided will support the transition to higher communication frequencies and advanced semiconductor packaging.
Innovations in EMI shielding are especially applicable for applications where compactness is essential, such as smartphones, smartwatches, and AR/VR headsets, but will also find applications within other consumer electronic devices, vehicles and telecommunications infrastructure. These developments include emerging deposition methods such as spraying and inkjet printing, along with new materials.
This webinar will discuss the following topics:
  • An introduction to EMI shielding for electronics, including the transition from board/enclosure level shielding to package level shielding.
  • How trends in semiconductor packaging such as heterogeneous integration will affect EMI shielding requirements and demand for novel deposition capabilities.
  • Emerging materials for EMI shielding, including particle-free (molecular) conductive inks and MXenes.
This webinar is based on the recently released IDTechEx report "EMI Shielding for Electronics 2024-2034: Forecasts, Technologies, Applications". Drawing on our research on advanced semiconductor packaging and conductive inks, along with interviews with material and service providers, this report outlines innovations, opportunities, players, and trends across this crucial field. Analysis of consumer electronic devices allows the package area and hence volume of EMI shielding material to be estimated and forecast across multiple device types.