Corinne Stollery Alumni

Corinne is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx. Corinne's work primarily focuses on energy storage technologies with further interests in renewable energy harvesting. Prior to joining IDTechEx, Corinne graduated from Imperial College London with a master's degree in Chemical Engineering.
Corinne received a MEng (Master of Engineering) degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London in 2021. Her studies have enabled strong technical and analytical proficiencies in the areas of engineering and chemistry, whilst having a focus on sustainability. During her final year, she designed a novel hydrogen-powered heat pump and demonstrated its market deployment potential and environmental credentials for decarbonising domestic heating. Other work included operation of a carbon capture pilot plant and design of a sustainable steelmaking plant.
In 2019, she was selected for Huawei's 'Seeds for the Future' programme. This involved spending a summer in China gaining business, technical and cultural exposure at a variety of companies including Huawei, BYD and Arup.
At IDTechEx, Corinne is currently involved in researching emerging energy storage technologies and developing an extensive knowledge of the materials, markets and feasibility involved.


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