16th Century Craft to 21st Century Healthcare (Healthcare Sensor Innovations USA 2020)

Mr Simon McMaster, Director
Footfalls and Heartbeats
United Kingdom


The presentation starts with an overview of knitting history and process. These processes then link into how the Footfalls technology is incorporated in many different knitted sensor applications. This process summarises how Footfalls is able to claim "the textile is the sensor"™.
Footfalls' pressure sensing technology is adaptable and customisable to the end user's needs, leading to many potential applications. Key examples include knitted seat, mattress and cushion covers, allowing for monitoring of a user's presence and position in a variety of different scenarios. Applications could include the monitoring of seat occupancy and, due to the ability to continuously monitor, has the potential to revolutionise health and social care industries through the prevention of pressure ulcers whist also monitoring daily movement.
The technology can be incorporated in a knitted sock/shoe. The sensor effectively enables accurate mapping and monitoring of foot placement on the ground. At its simplest, this technology can accurately monitor the steps taken by the user, but also has the ability to revolutionise gait analysis and management through real time monitoring of patient's gait and movement. This has particular relevance in the rehabilitation of patients in a variety of healthcare applications such as MSK surgery/injuries, neurological events (stroke) and general physiotherapy
The presentation of the case studies mentioned will illustrate the innovative and unique benefits of true wearables. 21St century healthcare will become proactive, personalized and preventative with the introduction of these true "wearables".
Presentation finishes Footfalls' values - "be bold, be brave, have and change the world".