Advanced Vacuum Deposition of Contact Layers on Flexible Substrates (Printed Electronics Europe 2014)

Mr Peter Sauer, Head of R&D Web & 3D Coating
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会社紹介 (Leybold Optics)

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The roots of Leybold Optics can be traced back to the companies founded by legendary pioneers Ernst Leybold and Wilhelm Carl Heraeus in the middle of the 19th century, 160 years ago. What follows is the story of the rise of two garage firms to become the dominating companies in vacuum coating technology worldwide, a story full of groundbreaking inventions and entrepreneurial spirit. Since May of 2012 Leybold Optics belongs to the Bühler Group, a family owned, global leader for machinery to process basic foods and manufacturing high-grade materials, located in Switzerland.
Leybold Optics Industrial Segment
The core-competence of Leybold Optics' Industrial segment is the vacuum coating of flexible substrates and 3-Dimensional parts such as injection-moulded plastic substrates.
Flexible substrates:
The META-M 2900 and the PRO-M series are dedicated machines for the high productive and high quality metalizing of packaging materials such as BOPP, BOPET, CPP as well as paper.
The CAP-M platform is a dedicated, modular, high-end machine for the coating of electrical film capacitors.
The unique ZnS evaporator of the FLEX-M machine allows the precise coating of holographic security products.
The CompactMet, a batch-type thermal evaporation machine, allows the Aluminium metalizing and Top-coat by PE-CVD process of car-lighting components such as reflectors and tail-lamps.
The PylonMet and the Dyna-Series are widely used for the sputter-deposition and Top-coat (by PE-CVD) of car-lighting products and interior-lighting products including energy saving high reflective silver-layer-stacks.
Easy-to-Clean or Anti-Finger-Print applications for consumer-electronic products such as mobile-phones and smart-phones are accomplished by our ATALANTA machine.
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