Applications Of Energy Harvesting And ASICs (Energy Harvesting USA 2016)

Mr Johan Pedersen, Specialist

講演者の経歴 (Johan Pedersen)

Johan Pedersen, M.Sc. EE is a DELTA Specialist within energy harvesting and IoT and has a goal to evangelize self-powered intelligent products. He has experience with implementation of EH technologies in new products both from the technical side and the strategic side. He has presented at several academic and business related EH conferences, done lectures about EH and is managing 3-year applied research projects on Energy Harvesting for battery less and self-powered electronics and IoT devices as well as commercial development projects, consulting companies in how to successfully engage in new self-powered technologies.

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Smart, connected products can be anything anywhere. DELTA's focus on specific application areas gives you a safe and fast path to proof-of-concept before investments are made. DELTA's long history of low power applications has led to our focus on battery less transmission. You can transmit data via RFID without a battery - by use of the carrier frequency. Energy harvesting can contribute to reduce power consumption. Our customers have different requirements. We are trained to find the optimal solution by selecting the right mix of on-chip/off-chip components, sensor size, analog amplifiers and digital communication which minimises price, size and power consumption.
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