Can We Make The Body Area Network A Reality For Consumer Technology? (Wearable Europe 2018)

Dr Jacob Skinner, Managing Director
Thrive Wearables Ltd
United Kingdom


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Transmitting data around the body, between sensor nodes, through processing infrastructure and on to the internet is not a new concept. However, the User Experience people can expect is far from perfect. Will we reach a point where modular, body worn technology could converge with the demanding expectations of disillusioned health and wellbeing consumers?

講演者の経歴 (Jacob Skinner)

Jacob Skinner is a product development expert, who works with people and technology to create user driven products that offer real value. Especially passionate about wellbeing, health and social impact projects, he works across disciplines to solve technical challenges in wearable technology and the wider IoT space. Alongside Dave Sandbach, he is the driving force behind Thrive Wearables, a global design and development consultancy.

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