CNB™ Films for High Contrast, Flexible and Formable Touch (Printed Electronics Europe 2014)

Dr David P Brown, CTO / VP Business Development
Canatu Oy


Berlin 2014 Presentation - Canatu Oy*

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  • Going beyond ITO - market drivers for Carbon NanoBud® (CNB™) based sensors providing high display contrast enhancing properties
  • Offering consumer electronics and automotive industry long-awaited design freedom - how to enable high performance for complex flexible and 3D shaped touch-enabled electronics devices
  • From prototyping to volume-manufacturing

講演者の経歴 (David P Brown)

It has always been Dr. Brown's belief that important innovations should be commercialized to the benefit of society and he has avidly promoted the link between basic research and broad application.
He is the CTO, VP of Business Development and co-founder of Canatu, a Fulbright Fellow (atmospheric physics) and a co-founder and former CEO of Canatu, Teicos Pharma (formulation of pharmaceuticals for delivery to the lungs), Particle Stream Technologies Inc. (advanced pharmaceutical powders) and StreamWise (computer simulation of gas/particle systems) and StreamWise Finland (optical fiber manufacturing technology).
He has more than 180 scientific articles, 180 granted and pending patents and 100 invited talks on, for instance, entrepreneurship, nanotechnology, carbon nanotubes and NanoBuds, synthesis of nanomaterials, drug delivery and nano-formulations, nuclear safety, atmospheric physics and modeling and algorithms for designing and characterizing materials and chemically reacting aerosol processes. He has also worked as an advisor and independent contractor for many important technology players including Honda, Du Pont, Daikin, Kemira, NASA, the Finnish National Research Centre and the Paul Scherrer Institute.

会社紹介 (Canatu)

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Canatu's solutions bring the design freedom and user experience to the next level for 3D shaped touch devices and enable autonomous driving in any weather. Canatu develops and manufactures innovative 3D formable and stretchable films and sensors for touch and heater solutions. These transparent and conductive films can be integrated into plastic, glass, textile or leather enabling 3D touch displays, smart switches and other intuitive user interfaces as well as 3D shaped heater solutions.
Canatu supplies these unique CNB™ films and touch sensors to touch module vendors and OEM's in several industries, for example automotive and consumer electronics. Canatu is headquartered in Finland, with sales locations in Europe, US, China and Taiwan, Japan and Korea.
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