Commercialisation Strategies and Success (Printed Electronics Europe 2012)

Mr Sascha Voigt, Managing Director
Printechnologics GmbH

講演者の経歴 (Sascha Voigt)

Mr. Voigt is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He cofounded the German technology development company Printechnologics. T+ink acquired the company in 2013, Mr. Voigt - managing director of T+ink - invented mass printed capacitive identification technology. Printechnologics became an internationally recognized leader in printed electronics receiving numerous awards, including three Printed Electronics Awards - Best Product Development and Best In Show - the German IQ Innovation Award in 2011, the European Auto-ID award as well the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award Gold in 2012, the first German company ever to receive the award.

会社紹介 (Printechnologics)

Printechnologics logo
Printechnologics is today's leading technology developer of printed functionalities. Furthering the evolution of printed paper, Printechnologics uses conventional printing methods to incorporate electronic markings that can link print products and digital information. The company is committed to delivering low-cost and environmentally friendly printed tracings, which are readable with standard touch-screen devices. Printechnologics's technologies, including Touchcode, new payment systems and safe identification codes, have the potential to inspire a series of inventions that will change everyday life.
Touchcode is an invisible electronic code that transforms paper, cardboard, plastics, films and labels into digital content. With Touchcode, Printechnologics - together with the multinational corporation 3M - introduces a new communication platform that brings offline content online and opens up countless possibilities in multiple application areas. These application areas include safety and security - for example, forgery-proof authenticity certificates or holograms with digital functions. Touchcode also serves as a progressive advertising media tool due to its capability to connect with Internet content. In gaming, toys benefit from a new level of interactivity. Other innovative application areas are micropayment, ticketing and logistics.
This year, Printechnologics was awarded with the Product Development and Best-In-Show Awards from IDTechEx, the leading research company in printed electronics. In 2010, Printechnologics established a successful partnership with 3M, resulting in joint development projects on solutions for electronic circuitry on paper or foil.
Printechnologics is based in Chemnitz, Germany. In March 2011, it established a new branch in San Diego, Calif., in the United States.
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