Conductive Copper Ink

Dr Ofer Shochet, CEO & Founder


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Conductive Copper inks are finally available. Just print and sinter for 2 sec to achieve up to 50% bulk conductivity. The new inks allow low-temperature sintering under air and do not require any special equipment like photonic or laser sintering. Made out of Copper nanoparticles - it is much cheaper than silver inks and environmentally friendly and compatible with standard printing equipment.

講演者の経歴 (Ofer Shochet)

Dr. Ofer Shochet is an entrepreneur and a technology visionary, specializing in the development and successful implementation of future technologies in various companies at various fields of technologies.
Ofer is the founder of Copprint and serves as a Board member at Velo 3D Inc.
Ofer served between 2009 and 2014 as EVP Products, at Stratasys (nasdaq:SSYS), the world leader in 3D printing. In his position Ofer led the company's Products division including Systems R&D, material development and R&D product management.
Prior to Stratasys, Ofer had been the founder in parallel of several companies in multiple high-tech fields. One of which, Navajo Systems, a pioneer in SaaS security, was acquired by This followed six years at Verint Systems (nasdaq:VRNT), where he served as SVP and built the Corporate Technology Group, focusing on future technologies development in the area of speech, text and video analytics, and delivering solutions to the corporate, retail and government markets. Prior to that Ofer had been founder and EVP of Vigil Technologies which specialized in automatic business intelligence gathering and analysis from internet sources. Ofer also served as VP R&D at Silicon Graphics Biomedical, where he focused on 3D medical imaging, Computer Graphics and High-Performance Computing.
Ofer served five years at the Israeli intelligence corps and was awarded with the prestigious Presidential Israel Security award. Ofer holds a PhD and MSc (Magna cum Laude) in Physics from Tel Aviv University.

会社紹介 (Copprint)

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Copprint breakthrough in conductive inks - a cheap nano copper ink which is self-sintered at low temperatures.
For many years people have been using expensive silver inks for conductive patterns and failed to develop copper ink, as oxidation prevented conductivity. Copprint's patented Nano-based copper ink solves this issue using a self-sintering mechanism. It is substantially cheaper than silver ink.
Our ink achieves 30% bulk conductivity after just 2 seconds at 150º C (air environment, no capital investment - e.g. no need for photonic sintering or expensive lasers, environmental friendly). 50%+ bulk conductivity is achieved at higher temperatures.
Copprint disrupts the $2.2B market of silver inks and will open new applications for affordable conductive ink: RFIDs printed on paper, touch panel bezel contacts, printed antennas, printed electronics, heaters & defoggers.
Copprint was founded in 2016 by Dr. Michael Grouchko, a world expert in conductive nano inks and Dr. Ofer Shochet.
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