Delivering Affordable Few-Layer Graphene Oxide for High-Volume Applications (Graphene USA 2015)

Dr Sean Christiansen, Vice President of Engineering
Garmor Inc
United States


USA 2015 Presentation - Garmor Inc*
USA 2015 Audio Presentation - Garmor Inc*

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With several new graphene manufacturing methods coming to market in recent years, limited manufacturing capacity no longer hinders graphene's adoption. Instead, the ability to efficiently leverage graphene's properties in select applications dominates efforts towards commercializing graphene products. Garmor will address recent achievements and new composite materials created using graphene oxide.

講演者の経歴 (Sean Christiansen)

Dr. Christiansen is a co-founder and lead technology developer for Garmor. He has over 10 years experience commercializing leading-edge technologies including the development of fuel cell technologies for stationary power applications and creation of a new explosive detection system for military and commercial use. He received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame in 1996 and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2001.

会社紹介 (Garmor Inc)

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Garmor is a leading manufacturer of low-cost graphene oxide and technology solutions developer. Using a simple yet effective method of producing edge-functionalized graphene oxide, Garmor eliminates costly hazardous waste disposal and delivers a product suitable for large-scale production at commodity-type prices. Garmor also actively develops solutions that leverage graphene's full potential including use as an additive in composite materials to protective coatings and inks.
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