Development of Large Scale Production of Self-Standing Graphene (Graphene Europe 2015)

Mr Kazuo Muramatsu, CEO
Incubation Alliance


Incubation Alliance developed a technology for large scale, self-standing synthesis of graphene in high purity using the high-speed chemical vapor deposition CVD method without any catalyst. Our pure graphene raw material 'Graphene Flower' is already for mass production using conventional Hot Isostatical Pressing (HIP) equipment.

会社紹介 (Incubation Alliance)

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Incubation Alliance,Inc. has been started with sales/manufactures of 3D Graphene products since 2010 as a volume manufacturer of the world first. GRAPHENE FLOWER as a product directly synthesized by using unique CVD process called INALA process, has 1-2nm thickness, 1-10µm dimensions and 99.9% purity.
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