Electrify The Future Of Business Aviation (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2018)

Dr Seyed M. Mohseni, CEO
Samad Aerospace Limited
United Kingdom


Europe 2018 Presentation - Samad Aerospace Limited*
Europe 2018 Audio Presentation - Samad Aerospace Limited*

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2018 marks 10 years since the financial crisis. Like other areas of the aviation sector, the business aviation community was significantly impacted. As a sector providing thousands of jobs across the Europe and generating near €100bn to Europe alone. Samad Aerospace senior team believes that market stakeholders, industry & public policy makers should be better prepared to understand the benefits of the sector, understand the challenges to growth and hear what intervention could help the sector flourish over the next decade or more by innovations that redefines the flight. Seyed will briefly talk about their revolutionary concept of electric VTOL business jet and possible changes that it will create in transport system.

会社紹介 (Samad Aerospace Limited)

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SAMAD Aerospace is a technology start-up based in the United Kingdom. Our dream is to revolutionise the way humans and goods fly around the world. To achieve that, a group of world-renowned experts in their respective fields - be it Aerodynamics, Aircraft Design or and Propulsion systems - worked together and developed a range of products that will redefine the air travelling experience. Imagine a transportation which is safer than a car, completely flexible, as eco-friendly as an electric vehicle, less time consuming than any plane or train and as luxurious as a private jet. This is the unique combination of features that will be offered by e-Starling and StarlingJet in a door-to-door human air transportation, while UAV Starling will transport goods at an unprecedented pace; thus, completely changing perspectives about travels. Our products give back their user's most valuable asset - time - hence allowing them to achieve more than they would have ever dreamt of.
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