Environmental Sensing - Use Cases And Context Awareness (IDTechEx Sensors USA 2016)

Mr Johannes Winkelmann, Technology Evangelist
Sensirion Inc
United States


IDTechEx Show! USA Presentation - Sensirion Inc*
IDTechEx Show! USA Audio Presentation - Sensirion Inc*

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Join us to learn how Sensirion's environmental sensors help make IoT and wearable devices smarter and applications more tailored to a user's environment. We'll present our work on thermal context awareness, and how we enable developers to build demos and prototypes with ease.

講演者の経歴 (Johannes Winkelmann)

Johannes Winkelmann is Sensirion's Technology Evangelist in Silicon Valley. Joining the company in 2011 as the first software engineer in Mobile, he was involved in bringing ambient humidity and temperature sensing to over 100 million smart phones. Following this, he started the San Francisco office to connect the company to Silicon Valley. Before joining Sensirion, he was a research assistant at the Wearable computing lab of ETH Zurich and worked at two startups in the consumer electronics & smart home space. Mr. Winkelmann holds a degree in Computer Science from the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland.

会社紹介 (Sensirion)

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Sensirion AG is the world's leading manufacturer of digital microsensors and systems. By providing complete environmental sensor solutions, we supply the sensor hardware and support customers in the mechanical design-in, the development of sophisticated algorithms, and the integration of software in embedded as well as cloud based systems.
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