eTape - A Low Cost Printed Electronic Fluid Level Sensor (Printed Electronics & Photovoltaics USA 2009)

Mr Tom Nunno, Director of Marketing
Milone Technologies, USA
United States


  • Milone Technologies is a specialized electronics products company focused on delivering new low-cost liquid level measurement technology to a developing market.
  • We see ourselves as the innovators developing products enabled by printed electronics that will transform the level sensor market.
  • Our company has only recently released it's product and sales are quickly outstripping our production capabilities.
  • This presentation will outline the hurdles that we have faced, the obstacles that we need to overcome to establish our company, and our challenges to the technology developers to make our product successful.

講演者の経歴 (Tom Nunno)

Thomas Nunno is co-owner and Vice President of business development for Milone Technologies. He received his Bachelor of Science in civil engineering and his Master of Science in environmental engineering from the University of Massachusetts. He is licensed in six states as a professional engineer or environmental professional to perform civil and environmental engineering. He currently consults to private equity firms performing due diligence on industrial plant and power plant acquisitions. In the past three years he has assisted in the acquisition of more than $10 billion in assets.