European Patent Mapping: 2D Materials (Graphene Europe 2018)

Dr Corinne Monnier, Licensing Manager
CNRS Innovation


Europe 2018 Audio Presentation - CNRS Innovation*

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We present a patent mapping related to 2d nanomaterials in Europe. Starting from the analysis of the filing dynamics and main portfolio holders we explore the applications and materials patented by European actors. We then discuss the use of such analysis from a TTO point of view.

講演者の経歴 (Corinne Monnier)

Dr Corinne Monnier is Head of Material Sces & Engineering in the Transfer & Licensing Dpt
After completed her PhD in Material Sces at Ecole des Mines (Marie Fourt laboratory, near Paris) she worked as New Material Engineer for the research center of Plansee GmbH in France. Subsequently she worked as licensing manager at CNRS Innovation managing a portfolio in Material production, characterization, simulation... of materials from metallurgy, ceramics, nanomaterials to waste, recycling, decontamination...

会社紹介 (CNRS Innovation)

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