Flexible OLED Lighting (Printed Electronics Europe 2013)

Dr Ton van Mol, Program Manager
TNO Holst Centre

講演者の経歴 (An Beyns)

Since 2006:
Program manager of two programs within the Holst Centre
SP1: Printed Organic Lighting & Signage
TP2: Electrodes and barriers
Project Manager at TNO for the Helianthos program, a joint collaboration with Akzo-Nobel (which sold this activity in 2005 to Nuon) on the development of R2R solar cells.
Visiting Scientist at Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore (CA), research on the APCVD of SnO2:F on glass for low-E coatings.
Researcher at TNO, development of atmospheric pressure plasma systems
PhD on APCVD of SnO2:F at TNO/University of Technology Eindhoven

会社紹介 (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (BMC))

Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (BMC) logo
The department of Equipment for Additive Manufacturing (EfAM) develops cutting-edge technology and high-precision machine concepts for 3D printing and layer-wise material deposition.
Among others, EfAM has developed a 3D chocolate printer, a 3D pasta printer, a high-viscous continuous inkjet system, a force feedback system for a 3D Digital Light Processing printer, a fast large area atomic layer deposition machine and biocompatible materials and ceramic slurries for stereolithography. EfAM has a track record of successful technology transfers to its business partners. For example, its experience with stereolithography was used to found two companies; Rapidshape and NextDent.
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