From An Internet Of Things Toward A Web Of Systems: Empower Industrial Systems To Manage Their Own Data And Make Their Own Decisions (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2016)

Dr Florian Michahelles, Head of Research Group


Driven by the technological advances in processing, sensing, and communication technologies physical things have become interconnected and pervasive. This results in connected value chains of energy systems, public infrastructure, automated manufacturing lines, and healthcare solutions. We propose to add meaning to machine to-machine communication by establishing an ontology of interlinked terms, entities, and relationships. We call this the Web of Systems.

講演者の経歴 (Florian Michahelles)

Florian Michahelles heads the Web of Things research group of Siemen Corporate Technology in Berkeley, California.
Florian leads a team of researchers who aim at making machines devices in industrial environments smarter and more collaborative. Together with academic partners, as well as startups and corporate research groups the team explores the opportunities of web-based communication and semantic technologies for Siemens business areas. Florian also teaches a course on Internet of Things at UC Berkeley and studies how students can develop mesh-up Internet of Things applications based on the team's communication framework.
Prior his engagement with Siemens, Florian has been working on identifying consumer products via RFID and barcode and relating information and products to physical goods via mobile applications. Following his stint as Director of the Auto-ID lab and lecturer at ETH Zurich, he came to Siemens Corporate Technology to ramp up his own team and is now looking to develop applications for semantic technologies.
He holds a PhD from ETH Zurich, a MSc from LMU Munich, and has been a visiting researcher at MIT Sloan and Keio University.
Florian has published 100+ academic papers in international conferences and journals and is actively supporting the research community by voluntary roles as program chair, research proposal evaluator and guest lecturer. He has been ranked at #21 within the Top 100 IoT Thinkers by Postscapes.

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