Holistic Simulations Supporting The Transition To A Decentralized Energy System Architecture (Off Grid Energy Independence. Europe 2018)

Dr Peter Waegli, CEO
Dr P Waegli-Research


Europe 2018 Presentation - Dr P Waegli-Research*
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Decentralized, (semi-)autonomous energy systems, promising considerable advantages over traditional grid-based systems, are becoming technologically and commercially feasible and are gaining attention at accelerating pace. As experience is limited, system design, technology selection and the development of business models still pose considerable challenges for potential adopters.
We hence propose a holistic simulation approach for designing, analysing and optimising system architectures. Surrogate models for components (sources, storage, energy converters, controls, etc.), user applications and associated load profiles as well as for environmental impacts are interconnected to simulate system behaviour. We will discuss model building and will demonstrate how such simulations can be used for feasibility and trade-off studies as well as for system optimisations under various constraints.

講演者の経歴 (Peter Waegli)

Dr Peter Waegli holds a Ph. D. in physics. After serving many years in leading positions in technology-oriented companies, he founded Dr. P. Waegli-Research, which has provided technology consulting services for more than 15 years. Dr Waegli can draw on comprehensive expertise in photonics, sensors and microsystems, as well as signal and image processing. He is currently working on new simulation approaches for computational physics and cyber physical systems utilizing readily available and affordable tools.

会社紹介 (Dr P Waegli-Research)

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Dr. P. Waegli-Research is a consulting boutique providing services in the areas of technology and business development in high-technology environments. Simulation is thereby considered an indispensable tool for solving complex technical and scientific problems. Clients are primarily industrial companies and financial investors as well as engineering and consulting companies active in such diverse application areas like photovoltaics, energy systems, process control, analytical instrumentation, automotive systems, information and communication technologies (ICT), and others
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