'Massless' Energy - Structural Power Composites (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing)

Dr Emile Greenhalgh, Reader in Composite Materials
Imperial College London (The Composites Centre)
United Kingdom


Europe 2015 Audio Presentation - Imperial College London (The Composites Centre)*

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Worldwide developments in structural power composites, and in particular work conducted at Imperial College London, will be presented. Although there are still considerable engineering challenges which need to be addressed, such as durability and manufacturability, it is anticipated that structural power materials will revolutionise transport applications and mobile devices.

講演者の経歴 (Emile Greenhalgh)

Dr Emile S. Greenhalgh is a Reader in Composite Materials and has worked in polymer composites for over 26 years. In particular, he is internationally recognised as the expert in failure analysis (fractography) of composites. He leads the structural power research at Imperial College London and headed the European Union FP7 programme (STORAGE) on structural power materials for hybrid cars.

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