Maturolife - Integrated Wearables (Wearable Europe 2020)

Mr David Shaw, Account Manager Semiconductor Technologies
A-Gas Electronic Materials
United Kingdom


With the changing landscape of healthcare and an aging population, there is a continual and growing need for developments in wearable technology and assistive technology, along with a change in the way these landscape shifts are approached.
These changing landscapes are discussed along with the approach and method that is employed by the EU funded Maturolife project. Developments in some of the research areas of the project are also discussed focusing on the functionalization approach and the development of prototype systems for commercial scale up.

講演者の経歴 (David Shaw)

David Shaw is currently the Account Manager within A-Gas Electronic Materials overseeing academic and research accounts within the Semiconductor industry. He is also developing the printed electronics side of the business, with a background which includes research within the area of printing conductive and functional systems. He graduated from Cardiff University with a Bachelors degree in Physics, prior to undertaking a Research Masters degree in Swansea University sponsored by Tata Steel UK performing research within the fields of electro chemistry and corrosion science with a focus on strip steel and tinplate products. He then undertook his Engineering Doctorate degree sponsored by a major global glass manufacturer, performing research in to printing technology for the deposition of functional and nano-structure based materials. These research projects were performed with the SPECIFIC and WCPC research groups. He subsequently spent a year in Swansea University creating a new research centre and innovation hub within Swansea University based around the steels and metals industries from raw materials to final product application with the capability to melt and cast customised steel formulations, before joining A-Gas Electronic Materials.

会社紹介 (A-Gas Electronic Materials)

A-Gas Electronic Materials is a leading UK based speciality chemicals distribution organisation. The company has historically been heavily involved with the PCB EIF and Semiconductor industries offering both materials supply and consultancy/R&D services. The company is also currently expanding in to areas of Printed Electronics and Ink Systems, as well as undertaking involvement with University, UK and EU research projects. We are the sole UK and EIRE distributors for DOW Electronic Materials, Micro Chem Corporation, KMG Ultra Pure Chemicals, Eternal Materials Co Ltd, Metalor, Pavco, ALufinish GmbH, Micro Resist Technology, Electra Polymers, Trimite, Artek, Hendor PE, Yamamoto-MS and Micropulse Plating Concepts (MPC).
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