Molecular Ink (MINK) Conductive Ink Technology - Enabling Advanced Applications in Printed Electronics (Printed Electronics USA 2019)

Mr Roy Bjorlin, Manager
E2IP Technologies/GGI Solutions
Mr Jonathan Leroy, Industrial Designer
E2IP Technologies/GGI Solutions


USA 2019 _ E2IP Technologies/GGI Solutions _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ E2IP Technologies/GGI Solutions _ Presentation*

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Co-developed by e₂ip technologies (parent company of GGI Solutions) and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC/CNRC). Molecular Ink (MINK) enables advanced applications by offering a higher degree of reliability & performance over currently available conductive materials. MINK drives evolutionary changes in design and manufacturing in complicated processes including In-Mold Electronics (IME). This talk focuses on enhancements in the entire process from Ideation to fabrication.

講演者の経歴 (Roy Bjorlin)

Roy is Vice President of Strategic Initiatives in Printed Electronics at e₂ip technologies (parent company of GGI Solutions). Roy is an experienced executive with more than 25 years identifying, developing and executing global commercial strategies in Printed Electronics. For the past 10 years Roy has increased his focus on driving the development and commercialization of advanced applications and materials.

講演者の経歴 (Jonathan Leroy)

Jonathan is Lead Industrial Designer at e₂ip technologies (parent company of GGI Solutions). Jonathan has over 10 years' experience in the field of HMI solutions design development. In this role he has collaborated to introduce new emerging technologies into commercially viable products. While studying for his post graduate degree, Jonathan received the ADIQ (Industrial Designer Association of Quebec) award for a conceptual design of a Tesla vehicle interior.

会社紹介 (E2IP Technologies/GGI Solutions)

e₂ip technologies is built upon GGI Solution's 30 years of leadership in the HMI market. e₂ip and its strategic partners are creating a new foundation leading to the introduction of groundbreaking innovations in material science and In-Mold Printed Electronics (IME) technologies. e₂ip is a global company with manufacturing facilities in Montreal, QC, Canada, Bigfork, MN, USA and a new state of the art facility in Casablanca Morocco. From ideation to fabrication, e₂ip rethinks the boundaries between technology and design to deliver innovative HMI and smart surface solutions.
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