OLED Development at OSRAM: Achievements, Trends and Perspectives (OLEDs LIVE! USA 2013)

Dr Thomas Wehlus, Senior R&D Manager
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH


OLED technology offers many interesting features for lighting applications. From the design
perspective, OLED enables high-quality glare free illumination from very flat light sources
with a superb off-state appearance. In addition, OLED is an efficient light source which has
the potential to become the second pillar of the SSL revolution alongside LED. Many players
contribute to the rise of OLED technology with continuously rising R&D effort. We will
review the remarkable progress and give examples for the recent R&D highlights which are
evidence of the future potential of OLED lighting. The underlying technological concepts will
be reviewed and state-of the art data are presented. The rising number of luminaire makers
integrating OLED panels into design luminaires reflects OLED lighting emerging as a topic for
general lighting.
However, considerable challenges remain. These will be outlined and benchmarked to
generic customer expectations derived from competing area lighting solutions. We argue
that once OLED reaches a certain base performance in efficiency, lifetime and cost, OLED will
enter the lighting market. The recent R&D highlights have clearly demonstrated the
potential of OLED technology for efficiency and operational lifetime. The market entry will
most likely be driven by differentiators against other technologies like form factors and
glare-free emission, instant-on, etc.
Apart from general lighting, there has recently been increasing awareness of OLED
technology at automotive OEMs, accompanied by a host of recent automotive design
studies. Automotive applications pose some specific challenges to OLED technology which
have long been considered tough or impossible. We will review recent progress in this area
which gives encouraging outlook of OLED technology meeting relevant automotive
specifications in the mid-term future.

講演者の経歴 (Thomas Wehlus)

Dr. Thomas Wehlus is Senior Engineer at OSRAM and since 2012 responsible for predevelopment
topics within OLED research and development. From 2010 to 2012 Thomas served as expert for
electrical, optical and thermal OLED simulation and was involved in various development projects.
Before joining OSRAM in 2010, Thomas graduated 2010 with a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the
University of Augsburg.

会社紹介 (OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH)

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH logo
OSRAM is an OLED lighting pioneer, having the first qualified OLED products in the market. A further
landmark was production start on the Pilot-Production-Line for vacuum-processed OLEDs on glass
sub-strates, featuring a fully integrated inline process and cutting-edge technologies like thin film
encapsulation. OSRAM has outstanding expertise in development and qualification of OLED lighting
products - from material and supply chain to production processes, to testing and screening
methods, in the area of efficiency and lifetime optimisation on large tiles, electronic driving and
encapsulation. The OSRAM OLED development is located in Regensburg, Germany
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