Optimized, Low ΔT Thermoelectric Energy Harvesters for Water, Air or Solid Heat Sources and Sinks (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2011)

Dr Robin McCarty, Member of Technical Staff, Product and Process Research and Development
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  • Optimized thermal energy harvesters for water or air streams and solid surfaces to power applications with as little as 5 degree system temperature differences.
  • Thermal and electrical matching of system thermal resistances and electrical loads of the DC-DC converters results in cost effective, low couple count thermoelectric generators.

講演者の経歴 (Robin McCarty)

Robin McCarty joined Marlow in July 2007 after completing her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and is currently a Member of technical staff in Product and Process R&D. She has over seven years experience in the filed of thermoelectric and is currently developing more accurate thermoelectric device and system models as well as expanding Marlow's high temperature thermoelectric generator testing capabilities. Her system level perspective allows her to assess thermoelectric energy harvesting systems for wireless sensors, exhaust waste heat recovery, and co-generation by integrating thermoelectrics with other power generation, heating, and cooling systems. Her recent focus has been researching and developing thermoelectric devices and systems for powering wireless sensors.

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II-VI Marlow is the world leader in quality thermoelectric technology. II-VI Marlow develops and manufactures thermoelectric modules and value-added systems for the aerospace, defense, medical, industrial, automotive, power generation and telecommunications markets. With our full range of products and services, II-VI Marlow can offer the optimum solution to meet your quality, performance, cost and delivery needs. II-VI Marlow offers additional support through a global network of channel partners and regional offices located in USA, Germany, China, Japan and Singapore.
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