Powering Sensors Using Ambient or Directed Electromagnetic Fields

Dr Paul D Mitcheson, Lecturer
Imperial College London
United Kingdom


Imperial College London (Dr Paul D Mitcheson) - Presentation*
Imperial College London (Dr Paul D Mitcheson) - Audio Presentation*

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*RF harvesting to supply low power sensors using ambient 3G, DTV and Wifi signals
*Low power power-mangement module interfaces for RF harvesters
*Inductive resonant wireless power transfer for portable devices and wireless sensors

講演者の経歴 (Paul D Mitcheson)

Paul D. Mitcheson received the MEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2001 and the PhD degree in 2005 both from Imperial College London. He is currently a Lecturer at Imperial in the Control and Power Research Group in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department and his main research interest in micro-power generators and their associated power electronics. He has worked extensively on energy harvesting system optimisation and simulation and along with his colleagues was the first to demonstrate the first working micro electrostatic energy harvesting device. His recent work is on gravitational torque energy harvesting structures and the application of energy harvesting techniques to sensor networks for water quality monitoring.

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