Present And Future Of OLED Lighting (Printed Electronics Europe 2017)

Dr Wolfgang Doetter, Global Quality-ESH Manager & Senior Integral Project manager
OLED Works


Europe 2017 Presentation - OLED Works*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - OLED Works*

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OLED lighting has come a long way this decade - from small R&D samples to commercial lighting tiles. This talk will focus on its present status and opportunities that are created based on recent developments in performance and form factor, focusing on indoor application in decorative, architectural and functional lighting.

講演者の経歴 (Wolfgang Doetter)

Wolfgang is leading the global Quality function within OLEDWorks LLC and is Senior Integral Project Manager for bendable OLED's and a member of the OLEDWorks Global Management Team. Additionally he is the EHS Manager for the Aachen OLEDWorks GmbH. He has setup HR and Manufacturing for the OLEDWorks GmbH. He was before the Head of Operations of the PHILIPS Category OLED. Wolfgang holds an PhD in Physics, specialized in Thin Film Coating Technology and has 22 years of professional experience in the process industry within Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality, R&D and Supply Chain.

会社紹介 (OLED Works)

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OLEDWorks is a leader in the development and production of affordable and innovative organic light-emitting diode (OLED) lighting solutions. The European headquarter is located in Aachen, Germany, where production, engineering and Marketing & Sales take place. Formerly Philips OLED Lighting, OLEDWorks GmbH was recently acquired by OLEDWorks LLC in Rochester, N.Y. (USA). As pioneers and frontrunners in the OLED industry, OLEDWorks applies its 400+ years of collective experience in OLED technology to making advances in OLED lighting manufacturing. OLED technology has real impact on light quality, sustainability and energy savings. For more information, please visit External Link.
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