Renewable Traction Project - Providing Solar Power To Our Trains

Dr Nathaniel Bottrell, Research Associate
Imperial College London
United Kingdom


Energy Independent Electric Vehicles 2017 Presentation - Imperial College London*

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講演者の経歴 (Nathaniel Bottrell)

Nathaniel is a post-doctoral researcher at Imperial College London. He is working on a microgrids research project as part of the Joint UK and India Clean Energy Centre and under the Innovate UK Energy Game Changers Competition grant on the Renewable Traction Power project. This project aims to investigate the feasibility of connecting PV generation directly to the traction rail network.
Nathaniel completed his undergraduate studies in 2009 and his post-doctoral studies in 2014 both at Imperial College London. During his PhD, he specialised in the modelling and stability of inverter-interfaced converters in microgrid applications. His research interests include the control and modelling of inverters, multi-inverter networks and the integration of power electronics in distribution networks.

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