Securing Assets with Intelligent Devices (Internet of Things Applications USA 2015)

Mr Chris Kelliher, VP IXP Americas
TZ Limited
United States


USA 2015 Presentation - TZ Limited*

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TZ merges software control, remote locking and fastening, environmental sensing and real time analysis to create intelligent networked devices that sense, act, lock and audit activity. The presentation will showcase the underlying award winning technology, provide examples of real life commercial applications and how this technology ultimately can change the way we use, maintain, repair and protect the things around us.

講演者の経歴 (Chris Kelliher)

Chris Kelliher is a technical futurist for TZ Limited and VP of its US IXP business division. In his 11 years with TZ he has held several roles including CEO and President. He is an experienced IT business professional with a solid engineering background. His 35 year career spans several industry segments including Information Technology, Telecommunications and Biotechnology.
In this time he has held numerous senior management and CEO roles including 9 years with Microsoft as CEO of its Australasian subsidiaries and Regional Director of Microsoft's South Pacific Region.
Australian Information Industry Association, Chairman of various working groups
Member IT Advisory Committee to Minister of Communications, Victoria State Government
Member IT Advisory Group, Minister of IT, Communications and Broadcasting, NZ Government
Founding Member and Chairman of Business Software Association, NZ
Member Business Software Association of Australia

会社紹介 (TZ Limited)

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For a decade, TZ has been at the forefront of IOT research and development. TZ's award winning IOT locks and fasteners use proprietary Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) technology and are therefore lighter, smaller and consume significantly less energy than traditional solenoid and DC motor based devices.
TZ's device intelligence is derived from an embedded system that consists of a microprocessor, energy optimization and integrated sensors that can monitor the environment around the device and report environmental status via the Internet. Networks of TZ Devices underpin a variety of IOT Applications and have been deployed in aerospace, military, logistics, IT and automotive applications.
TZ will be showcasing its commercial IOT offerings based on TZ SMArt Device technology
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