Silicon/Graphite Composite Materials As Anode For 3D Printed Lithium-ion Microbatteries (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2018)

Mr Mathias Drews, PhD Student
Fraunhofer ISE


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The industrial development of ever smaller autonomous electronic devices leads to the demand of suitable electrochemical storage solutions and corresponding production technologies. Additive manufacturing provides a simple routine where battery materials can be printed customizable in μm-scale directly on the substrate. Combined with a high capacity silicon/graphite composite anode we are aiming a long term stable 3D Lithium-ion microbattery.
We'll present our additive manufacturing concept along with recent results of silicon/graphite composite anodes.

講演者の経歴 (Mathias Drews)

Mathias Drews works as a PhD student at Fraunhofer ISE in the cell technology group. His research focuses on additive manufacturing of 3D Lithium-ion microbatteries. After his master degree in physics at the University of Münster he already gained experiences in battery research at the Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU) and Münster (HI MS).

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