Solid-State Lithium Battery Solution For Wearable, EV And Industry (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2017)

Ms Lisa Hsu, Sales & Marketing Manager
ProLogium Technology


Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - ProLogium Technology*

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Solid-state Li Battery technology has heard for many years but is it ready for the market now? Is it commercialized and mass produced? In this topic, we will show you our solid-state LIB solution for Wearable, EV and Industry and its future trend.

講演者の経歴 (Lisa Hsu)

More than 10 years B2B experience and 7 years Solid-state battery field in Product Marketing and Marketing Communication with cross-functional expertise in sales, engineering, R&D, financial, HR and new business development.
Spokesperson of ProLogium and Product Marketing Dept. Manager now.

会社紹介 (ProLogium)

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ProLogium(PLG), founded in Oct. 2006, is a leading cell maker of Solid-state Lithium Battery technology. PLG has more than 80 current and 30 applying international patents now which is Top4 in worldwide solid-state battery field. PLG breaks a new ground in Li-ion Battery of cell appearance, technique, production process, features, and safety which makes our solid-state LCB(Lithium Ceramic Battery) ultra-thin, flexible, and ultra-safe. Even after penetrating or over charging the bare cell, LCB is still no fire and no explosion. LCB provides access to a wide variety of markets and contributes significantly to the end product benefit.
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