System Design Analytics, SoH Determination And Lifetime Prediction For Lithium-Ion-Batteries With The Concept Of Digital Twins (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2018)

Mr Stephan Rohr, Co-Founder & Managing Director


Lithium-Ion battery packs require extensive development, costly testing and still face issues with lifetime. The aim of this presentation is to introduce the technology of a digital battery twin, which enables continuous online battery health analysis, prediction and optimization from battery cell to system level.

講演者の経歴 (Stephan Rohr)

Mr. Stephan Rohr is Co-Founder & Managing Director at TWAICE. He holds a M.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Munich. Additionally, he gained experience during visiting scholarships at UC Berkeley and TUM Create (joint venture between TUM and Nanyang University in Singapore) as well as in strategic management consulting at Strategy Engineers.

会社紹介 (TWAICE)

TWAICE was officially founded in 2018 from Michael Baumann and Stephan Rohr. It is a spin-off from Technical University of Munich, with the vision to accelerate the introduction of digital twins for the future of mobility.
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