The Development and Application of Supercapacitor Separator (Supercapacitors Europe 2013)

Mr Jirong Dong, Deputy General Manager
Shanghai Shi Long High-Tech Co Ltd


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  • Radiation cross-link provides the super-capacitor with long cycle life and low self discharge.
  • Radiation grafting makes the separator has permanent ions exchange function.
  • Low resistance and high absorption rate and keep ability of electrolyte to meet high power density application.

講演者の経歴 (Jirong Dong)

1979-1995: Radiation Chemistry Department, Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Pursuing the researches of radiation protection & sensitizing of DNA and polymer modification by r ray.
1995-1996: Scientific & Technology Faculty,North-East Wales Institute, Wales, U.K.
Pursuing a dynamic research of pulse radiolysis on Chinese pharmacy herb (Funded by British Science & Technology Committee)
1997-2013: Shanghai ShiLong Hi-Tech Co., Ltd
Deputy General Manager
In charge of research & development of functional membranes via radiation chemistry technology
Technology & products services for individual application

会社紹介 (Shanghai Shi Long High-Tech Co Ltd)

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Shanghai Shilong Hi-Tech Corp., Ltd, a joint venture held by Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, enjoys high reputation in battery industry thanks to the perfect performance and high-reliability of separators. With continuous effort in technological innovation and commitment to excellence for more than 30 years, it is internationally known as a leader in research, development and manufacturing of functional membranes by radiation technology.
The products include alkaline battery and super-capacitor separators etc., over 30 kinds of separators are found wide use in diverse field of industries, including aerospace, aviation, telecommunication, national defense, transportation, power station etc. Relying on the global marketing stratagem, most of the separators have been achieving the rapid market expansion to Europe, USA, Southeast Asia and the Middle East etc.
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