Wafer Scale Integration of Graphene (Graphene & 2D Materials Europe 2020)

Dr Zhenxing Wang, Senior Scientist


Graphene has great potentials for applications in different fields such as electronics, optoelectronics, sensors, etc. However, the final functional application still relies on the state-of-the-art platform such as silicon technology process line, due to its maturity for circuit and system realization. Therefore, a path to integrate graphene to such traditional fabrication platform needs to be developed, in order to make the fancy material closer to reality. In this presentation, the recent progress and future outlook for graphene processing will be introduced from different technology aspects. The available back-end-of-line integration of graphene on 200 mm silicon platform has been demonstrated.

講演者の経歴 (Zhenxing Wang)

Dr. Zhenxing Wang is a senior scientist at AMO GmbH. He obtained his PhD degree in 2012 from Peking University in China. From 2014 he has been with AMO, where he is responsible for development of graphene based electronics and the integration technology, especially for high frequency applications. He is principle investigator in different German national projects on graphene and 2-dimensional materials based devices funded by the DFG and BMBF. He contributes as key researcher in different EU-projects including Graphene Flagship, G-Imager, WiPLASH and so on.

会社紹介 (AMO GmbH)

AMOs mission as a research oriented company is to efficiently close the gap between university research and industrial application. For this purpose AMO identifies those topics from basic research that seem particularly suitable for industrial implementation and demonstrates these in application-oriented technology. In joint projects and bilateral cooperation, research and development results are transferred to industry for maintenance and creation of jobs. Thus nanotechnology is expected to provide considerable potential for application areas such as information technology, biotechnology and environmental technology. Headed by Prof. Max Lemme, AMO operates a high level 400 m² cleanroom. Furthermore AMO offers a range of services from consulting to prototype development.
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