Why Does The Internet Of Things Need Thin And Flexible Batteries? (Wearable USA 2016)

Dr Markku Ellila, CEO
Enfucell Oy


It is difficult to connect a milk carton, a golf club or a blood bag to the Internet. What is the common factor between such objects, as far as equipping them with sensors is concerned? How about human skin? Is the location of a wearable device for health monitoring limited by user comfort due to bulky batteries? The presentation will give answers to such questions, and describe some inspiring applications, which are benefiting from thin and flexible batteries designed and developed by Enfucell.

講演者の経歴 (Markku Ellila)

Markku Ellilä received his PhD degree in 1988 at the Helsinki University of Technology as a result of particle physics research at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. After his academic career he has held a number of R&D and general management positions in world leading technology companies, such as Valmet Paper Machinery, Nextrom and Nokia. Most recently, until 2013, he was the Managing Director of Tellabs Oy. He is a board member of PYN Fund Management Ltd, and an angel investor.

会社紹介 (Enfucell Oy)

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Enfucell is a leading customized battery supplier to printed electronics industry. The company has developed a printable, thin, flexible and eco-friendly SoftBattery®, which can be used as a power source in various Internet of Things and wearable electronics products and applications. Find out more at http://www.enfucell.com.
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