AFS Trinity Power Corporation

AFS Trinity Power Corporation

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AFS Trinity Power Corp was created by a 2001 merger of American Flywheel Systems (AFS) and Trinity Flywheel Power (Trinity) which were incorporated in 1991 and 1993, respectively. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington with an engineering center in Livermore, California, the company develops Fast Energy Storage for vehicular, spacecraft and stationary power systems based on batteries, ultracapacitors, and flywheels. The company has conducted programs with private and government organizations including DARPA, NASA, the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. DOT, California Energy Commission, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Lockheed, Honeywell, and Ricardo.
AFS Trinity Power Corporation
9 Dec 2010

New revelations at future of electric vehicles San Jose

The inaugural IDTechEx electric vehicle event in San Diego California was a great success and it will now be repeated annually in three continents.
8 Dec 2010

Dual Energy Storage for PHEVs, AFST Extreme Hybrid (tm)

AFS Trinity Power Corporation, United States
26 Nov 2010

Ioxus increases energy density by 115 % with new hybrid capacitor

Ioxus is one of only two companies worldwide with hybrid capacitor technology in general production
17 Nov 2010

Panasonic Invests $30 Million in Tesla

Panasonic has invested $30 million in Tesla. The investment was made through the purchase of Tesla common stock in a private placement at a price of $21.15 per share.
16 Nov 2010

Park and Ride with diesel-electric hybrid buses

The 101 year old Warwickshire bus and coach operator Johnsons of Henley-in-Arden has confirmed an order at the Euro Bus Expo bus show in Birmingham for five Optare Versa diesel-electric hybrid buses.
12 Nov 2010

New Supercabatteries

Taiyo Yuden's Hybrid LIC boasts the key features of batteries (high voltage and high energy) while maintaining the traditional characteristics of capacitors (rapid charge/discharge, high durability, safety and environmental friendliness).
11 Nov 2010

The future of electric buses

The major growth in electric buses is in free running versions which cost $50,000 to $500,000 and can usually be deployed without infrastructure along the route. The larger electric buses tend to be hybrid to get the range: smaller ones tend to be pure electric. The IDTechEx report, "Electric Vehicles 2010-2020" estimates that there are about 480,000 buses in the world - mostly small ones - with about 135,000 being bought each year as the fleets grow. Although only 12% of these new buses are electric, penetration is increasing and there is a multibillion dollar market awaiting.
4 Nov 2010

Heavy duty electric land vehicles

There are about 250 manufacturers of heavy industrial vehicles worldwide but most do not make EVs. Between them they will make about 700,000 of these vehicles in 2010.
3 Nov 2010

Mitsubishi Motors start testing light commercial electric vehicles

Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. (Yamato Transport) and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced that they have started field testing for parcel collection and delivery operations with the use of a prototype light commercial electric vehicle (EV) built by MMC.
28 Oct 2010

The future market for electric buses and taxis

This is the world's first report forecasting the global market for electric buses and taxis both hybrid and pure electric. It separately forecasts the market in the most important country, China, and it takes a detailed look at technologies present and future with a blunt assessment of reasons for failure and threats for the future, not just the positive aspects.
26 Oct 2010

Future technologies of electric buses and taxis

Buses and taxis are an excellent launch pad for new technologies. In the new IDTechEx report, "Electric Buses and Taxis 2011-2021" we assess all the options and the markets resulting.
26 Oct 2010

Heavy duty electric land vehicles

There are about 250 manufacturers of heavy industrial vehicles worldwide but most do not make EVs. Between them they will make about 700,000 of these vehicles in 2010.
7 Oct 2010

Spanish company Izaro works on electric powered GTe supercar

Future electric charge of sport: GTte Izar
6 Oct 2010

MBtech reveals the Reporter vehicle concept study

The MBtech Group attracted attention with a premiere at a recent press conference at the 63rd IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover: The company presented the eagerly awaited "Reporter" concept study - As a 1:1-scale, see-through model of the futuristic pick-up which literally makes MBtech's comprehensive range of engineering and consulting competencies transparent.
27 Sep 2010

Huge sales opportunities for EVs and their components into East Asia

Those seeking to create multibillion dollar businesses in electric vehicles, their components, intellectual property and services should look at the world's largest market - East Asia. This region of the world purchases about 56% of the global market value of electric vehicles for land, sea and air and it will still be doing that in ten years time. For Western companies to take this huge opportunity seriously they first need to slay six myths.
31 Aug 2010

Micro-supercapacitors have the potential to power nomad electronics

Research team develops ultra high-power energy storage devices
26 Aug 2010

Research team develops ultra high-power energy storage devices

A team of researchers from the U.S. and France report the development of a micro-supercapacitor with remarkable properties. These micro-supercapacitors have the potential to power nomad electronics, wireless sensor networks, biomedical implants, active radiofrequency identification (RFID) tags and embedded microsensors, among other devices.
26 Aug 2010

Recent advances in lithium ion battery chemistry

Progress is now rapid in improving lithium rechargeable batteries known as lithium ion. Some are counterintuitive and a big surprise.
24 Aug 2010

Pressurex pressure indicating sensor film

Pressurex pressure indicating sensor film increases bond strength and reduces defects in ultrasonic welding of batteries.
23 Aug 2010

Progress towards fast charging

Most of the pure electric on-road vehicles becoming available in the next few years will have only 100 miles range.