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17 Apr 2020

Scientists Hope to Use Wearable Data to Predict COVID-19

Researchers and their collaborators aim to predict the onset of viral infection through data provided by wearable technology.
10 Dec 2019

Human Bone May Hold Key to Stronger 3D Printed Lightweight Structures

What do bones and 3D-printed buildings have in common? They both have columns and beams on the inside that determine how long they last. Now, the discovery of how a "beam" in human bone material handles a lifetime's worth of wear and tear could translate to the development of 3D-printed lightweight materials that last long enough for more practical use in buildings, aircraft and other structures.
14 Nov 2019

Injectable, Flexible Electrode for Nerve-Stimulating Implants

By electrically stimulating nerves, neuromodulation therapies can reduce epileptic seizures, soothe chronic pain, and treat depression and a host of other health conditions without the use of conventional drugs like opioids.
8 Aug 2018

A new milestone in laboratory grown human brain tissue

A cutting-edge laboratory technique that turns human stem cells into brain-like tissue now recapitulates human brain development more accurately than ever, according to a new study.
6 Aug 2018

Tech takes on cigarette smoking

Researchers are using wearable sensor technology to develop an automatic alert system to help people quit smoking.
23 Mar 2018

Research closer to revolutionary battery

The boom in wind energy faces a hurdle — how to effectively and cheaply store energy generated by turbines when the wind is blowing, but energy requirements are low.
4 Oct 2017

Soft, flexible origami-inspired robot

A researcher has turned the origami she enjoyed as a child into a patent-pending soft robot that may one day be used on an assembly line, in surgery or even outer space.
21 Aug 2017

Sensars Neuroprosthetics grabs government funding for disruptive tech

European Commission's Horizon 2020 SME (small-medium sized enterprises) Instrument recently announced Sensars Neuroprosthetics as a Phase 1 recipient for funding of their SENSY technology. Phase 1 recipients receive €50000 in funding for 6 months to execute a feasibility study and draft a 10-page business proposal. This is intended to bring the technology from the idea to concept stage. There are currently 2813 participants, 2750 projects coordinated, and 1094,87M€ allocated to the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument.
26 Apr 2017

Building a better battery

From portable electronics to transportation and sending satellites into space, the quest for a better battery - lighter, safer, longer lasting - is drawing increasing interest in the scientific community.
12 Jan 2017

How perovskite solar films efficiently convert light to power

Solar cells made with films mimicking the structure of the mineral perovskite are the focus of worldwide research. But only now have researchers directly shown the films bear a key property allowing them to efficiently convert sunlight into electricity.
18 Dec 2015

Researchers tailor power source for wearable electronics

Wearable power sources for wearable electronics are limited by the size of garments. With that in mind, researchers have developed flexible wire-shaped microsupercapacitors that can be woven into a jacket, shirt or dress.
6 Oct 2015

Energy independent vehicles: new focus

The most dramatic new advances and visions have no name initially. So it is with electric vehicles that need no external charging or refuelling - no, not even wireless charging.
28 Sep 2015

Alkaline flow battery charges up renewable energy storage

Scientists have developed an alkaline flow battery that they hope will help to tackle the tricky problem of storing energy from renewable power sources such as wind and solar.
7 Sep 2015

New 3D nano-material enhances battery storage

The scientists' goal is to produce new materials for a host of uses, ranging from high-efficiency batteries, ultracapacitors, fuel cells and hydrogen storage devices to lightweight thermal coatings for hypersonic jets, multifunctional materials for aerospace, and more.
1 Sep 2015

Researchers efficiently charge a lithium-ion battery with solar cell

Researchers have wired four perovskite solar cells in series to enhance the voltage and directly photo-charged lithium batteries with 7.8 percent efficiency--the most efficient reported to date, the researchers believe.
11 Jun 2015

Supercapacitors with batteries or fuel cells: result happiness

IDTechEx interviews in Japan have established that supercapacitors across lithium-ion batteries in cars can increase range by 10% by permitting deep discharge, provided suitable batteries are used that can tolerate such a regime.
13 Apr 2015

First metal-free catalyst for rechargeable zinc-air batteries

Researchers have made what they believe is the first metal-free bifunctional electrocatalyst that performs as well or better than most metal and metal oxide electrodes in zinc-air batteries.
10 Apr 2015

Smart window harvests energy from wind and rain

A team of researchers have created glass that tints by harvesting energy from wind and rain.
12 May 2014

Flexible supercapacitor could be woven into clothes to power devices

Scientists have taken a large step toward making a fiber-like energy storage device that can be woven into clothing and power wearable medical monitors, communications equipment or other small electronics.
9 Nov 2012

Medical devices powered by the ear itself

Deep in the inner ear of mammals is a natural battery — a chamber filled with ions that produces an electrical potential to drive neural signals.