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CEA-Leti is an applied research laboratory working on miniaturization techniques (microelectronics, sensors, microsystems, micro-energy sources) and their applications from space to smart devices, in fields such as biology, health, transport, environment, photonics and security.
LETI is located in Grenoble - France. LETI's staff is around 1800 engineers and researchers, including 250 PhD and post-doc researchers. Their R&D&I work is supported by 8 500 sq.m of state-of-the-art 200 mm and 300 mm clean rooms and more specific technological platforms (micro batteries, printed electronics, nanocharacterization).
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24 Dec 2019

Improved Inorganic Thin Film Batteries

In a research result that potentially could expand the market for tiny energy-storage units in medical implantable, injectable and wearable solutions, CEA-Leti has fabricated all-solid, inorganic thin-film batteries that demonstrate better performance than existing devices.
11 Apr 2019

Optronics Innovations Serving The Next Wave Of Mixed Reality Headsets

CEA-LETI, France
11 Apr 2019

Best Technical Development Within Energy Storage Award

DTechEx hosted their annual technology show in Berlin this week. Ending the first day was the award ceremony where IDTechEx recognise company development and success.
6 Dec 2018

Microdisplay chip paves the way for high-performance smart glasses

EU-funded scientists have developed a high-resolution microdisplay chip for less bulky high-performance virtual reality and assisted-vision headsets.
21 Nov 2018

Imec and CEA-Leti join forces on AI and quantum computing

Belgian research center imec and the French research institute CEA-Leti announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding that lays the foundation of a strategic partnership in the domains of Artificial Intelligence and quantum computing, two key strategic value chains for European industry, to strengthen European strategic and economic sovereignty.
16 Nov 2017

Semi-Transparent All Solid State Lithium Microbatteries For Smart Glass

CEA LETI, France
10 May 2017

Advanced Optical Solutions For New Visualization Applications

CEA Leti, France
2 Feb 2016

Energy-saving minicomputers for the Internet of Things

Transistors that are capable of switching information with a single electron use far less power than field effect transistors that are commonly used in computers.
19 Nov 2015

From MEMS to NEMS - How Miniaturization Creates New Opportunities in Both Inertial and Biochemical Sensors

CEA LETI, United States
2 Mar 2015


Research lab where the technology was first invented
26 Sep 2013

World record solar cell with 44.7% efficiency

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Soitec, CEA-Leti and the Helmholtz Center Berlin jointly announced having achieved a new world record for the conversion of sunlight into electricity using a new solar cell structure with four solar subcells.
18 Apr 2013

Battery Monitoring System Using Switching Battery Cells

CEA-LETI, France
9 Jan 2013

Battery Monitoring System Using Switching Battery Cells

CEA-LETI, France
28 Nov 2012


4 May 2012

New laboratories dedicated to micro and organic electronics

Arkema and CEA are to extend their existing collaboration in photovoltaics to the field of micro-electronics and organic electronics by setting up two joint research laboratories.
17 May 2011

Self powered cardiac pacemaker

CEA-Leti, a French research and technology organization, and five partners are combining their expertise to develop a self-powered cardiac pacemaker eight times smaller than current models.
7 Sep 2009

CEA-LETI develops efficient and transparent white OLED

CEA-LETI has developed an efficient white OLED with overall transparency, equivalent to 65 to 70% over the whole visible spectrum.
28 Nov 2008

The most efficient silicon-based OLED microdisplay in the world

MICROOLED and CEA-LETI design the most efficient silicon-based OLED microdisplay in the world