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DecaWave is a pioneering Fabless Semiconductor Company which is developing a full family of single chip CMOS products based on the IEEE802.15.4a standard that reach unprecedented performance in location precision and range at very low power and very low cost.
DecaWave has been instrumental in developing the alternate PHY IEEE802.15.4a standard and has successively combined the rich potential of the Ultra Wideband Technology (UWB) with its Intellectual Property (DecaWave owns several essential and non-essential patents) to offer a product family that creates a true disruption in the Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) markets.
29 Apr 2015

Micro-Location - The value of Answering to the "Where" Question

DecaWave / Agilion, Ireland
1 Apr 2014

Tackling the Challenges of Accuracy, Reliability, Range and Density in RTLS Systems Thanks to UWB Technology

DecaWave, France
21 Nov 2013

Decawave ScenSor Chip: A Game Changer for Indoor Positioning, RTLS and IoT

DecaWave, Ireland
8 Nov 2013

Industry's most precise indoor location and communication CMOS chip

DecaWave has announced its first single chip of the ScenSor wireless technology family DW1000, which makes indoor location and communications more accurate, cost-effective and power-efficient than ever before.
29 Mar 2012

DecaWave appoints Jim O'Hara Chairman; announces €6M in funding

DecaWave has announced ex-Intel VP Jim O'Hara as Chairman of the company. DecaWave has also announced that it has successfully raised a further funding round of €6m from private investors in the US and Europe. This brings the total invested in DecaWave to €12.4m.
28 Jul 2011

Decawave tapes out scensor DW1000 chip

DecaWave has completed tape out of MPW2 of its ground-breaking DW1000 chip, the first product of the ScenSor family.
21 Jun 2011

DecaWave Scensor Chip makes Low-Power and Precise Location at Low-Cost a Reality

DecaWave, Ireland
26 Nov 2010

Congratulations! Energy harvesting has arrived!

The IDTechEx exhibition with the only co-located conference on Energy Harvesting & Storage with Wireless Sensor Networks & Real Time Locating Systems saw an unprecedented 340 people attending and 28 exhibitors.
22 Nov 2010

DecaWave wins Best Technology Development for RTLS/WSN

DecaWave, ( has taken the prestigious "Best Technology Development for RTLS/WSN" award at the leading sensor industry show IDTechEx in Boston.
19 Nov 2010

Winners of the IDTechEx Energy Harvesting & WSN Awards

Companies were recognized for their outstanding progress in the fields of Energy Harvesting and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) at the IDTechEx awards dinner in Boston, MA on November 16.
17 Nov 2010

DecaWave ScenSor Chip makes Low-Power and Precise Location at Low-Cost a Reality

DecaWave, Ireland
7 Jul 2010

RTLS and WSN innovator Decawave secures investment from LG

DecaWave, the pioneering fabless semiconductor company, has announced it has secured investment from LG, the Korean global electronics company.
31 May 2010

Second day of Energy Harvesting Europe

The second day of the conference Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe was as rich with information and expert opinion as the first. Here are just few of the overall impressions given by the day's events.
27 May 2010

ScenSor: An IEEE802.15.4a Compliant Chip Creates a True Disruption in RTLS and WSN Markets

DecaWave, Ireland
19 May 2010

Energy Harvesting & Storage and Wireless Sensor Networks, RTLS Preview

Only the IDTechEx "Energy Harvesting and Storage" events are paired with "Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS", covering the systems most in need of energy harvesting.
4 Mar 2010

Summary from Virginia Tech's Annual Energy Harvesting Workshop

About 90 people from seven countries attended this fifth annual energy harvesting workshop in Roanoke, VA, USA, which serves as an excellent platform to air the latest technical progress with energy harvesters.
2 Dec 2009

Decawave announces LG Innotek Scensor module and sales

DecaWave, the pioneering fabless semiconductor company, has announced a module and sales agreement with LG Innotek, the Korean global electronics components company, for DecaWave's revolutionary chip ScenSor.
17 Nov 2009

Energy Harvesting & Storage and RTLS & WSN conference summary (2)

The second day of the hugely successful IDTechEx conferences in Denver started with a focus on photovoltaics, which has the biggest market share in energy harvesting technology today.
4 Nov 2009

ScenSor: An IEEE802.15.4a UWB Compliant Chip Ripe for Energy Harvesting Tapes Out Q4 '09

DecaWave, Ireland
10 Sep 2009

DecaWave partners with Dublin Institute of Technology

DecaWave ( the pioneering fabless semiconductor company has partnered with the Dublin Institute of Technology's Antenna & High Frequency Research Group (AHFR) for antenna design research expertise for its ground breaking ScenSor chip.