6 Sep 2022

CalWave Successfully Concludes Wave Energy Project in California

The project, which deployed in September 2021, was supported by a US Department of Energy award with the goal to demonstrate CalWave's scalable and patented xWave technology as a cost-effective, sustainable solution for energy generation. Not only does the demonstration represent California's first at-sea, long-duration wave energy project, but it also serves as a critical step toward proving wave power as a commercially viable renewable resource.
12 Oct 2021

CalWave Successfully Commissions Open Water Wave Energy Pilot

CalWave successfully commissioned its CalWave x1 off the coast of San Diego. This milestone event marks the beginning of California's first at-sea, long-duration wave energy pilot operating fully submerged.
14 Sep 2021

World's Largest 3D Printed Shipboard Fitting

Keppel Technology & Innovation has received a verification certificate for a 3D printed deck mounted type Panama Chock from DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider's Global Additive Manufacturing Technology Centre of Excellence in Singapore. The component, which is intended for non-class maritime applications, is the world's largest 3D-printed shipboard fitting.
19 Feb 2021

Leyden-Jar Technologies

IDTechEx caught up with Leyden-Jar Technologies, a Dutch start-up working on developing a process for manufacturing pure silicon anodes for Li-ion batteries.
20 Nov 2020

Agrivoltaics Becoming Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

One day solar "power stations" as we know them will be banned.
14 Sep 2020

Peak Everything

Well, not quite everything. Nonetheless, over the next 15 years the rather rapid oblivion of the steam train or the fax machine will look mild compared to the impact of many other things peaking, sometimes in unison.
27 Sep 2019

Ships powered by solid oxide fuel cells

Bloom Energy and Samsung Heavy Industries announced a collaboration to design and develop ships powered by Bloom Energy's solid oxide fuel cell technology.
26 Jun 2019

Industrial scale manufacturing lines for energy storage solutions

Comau has been commissioned to build one of the world's first automated manufacturing lines for lithium-ion battery modules for transport applications by Leclanché, one of the world's leading providers of energy storage solutions.
24 Dec 2018

Vortex Energy enters into a definitive agreement

Vortex Energy enters into a definitive agreement with institutional investors advised by J.P. Morgan Asset Management to sell its 49% stake in a 998 MW pan-European wind energy portfolio.
19 Dec 2018

Norway commissions zero-emission high speed ferry

Hyon AS has been awarded grants under the PILOT-E scheme for the development and realization of two maritime projects; a high-speed ferry and a short-sea freighter. The ambitions of both projects are to realize zero-emission propulsion via fuel cells using cost-efficient hydrogen produced from electrolysis based on renewable energy.
20 Aug 2018

Rolls-Royce launches new battery system for ships

Rolls-Royce is launching a lithium-ion based energy storage system for ships. The gain for the ship owners is a clean, safe and cost-efficient complete system.
4 Jul 2018

Diesel doesn't float this boat

Marine research could soon be possible without the risk of polluting either the air or the ocean. It's thanks to a new ship design and feasibility study.
29 Dec 2017

New collaboration developing a flexible, smart energy network

Researchers from Imperial College London are part of a new project, FUSION, to help customers save money and reduce the UK's carbon emissions.
14 Dec 2016


17 Nov 2015

Valence receives DNV-GL marine type approval

Valence Technology has received DNV-GL marine certification for its U-Charge XP batteries and battery management system. They are the first Lithium battery supplier to gain accreditation through the new combined DNV-GL body.