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Dyesol, a global supplier of dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) photovolatic technology, is collaborating with top tier corporations around the world, such as Tata Steel, to develop flexible cell-based product solutions for the consumer goods market.
13 Nov 2020

Materials for Printed/Flexible Electronics 2021-2031: Technologies, Applications, Market Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das
24 Aug 2020

Greatcell Solar Materials

Greatcell Solar Materials supplies materials for photovoltaic application, including high purity precursors for perovskite solar cells and dye-sensitized solar cells.
2 Jul 2020

Flexible, Printed and Thin Film Batteries 2020-2030: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
20 Apr 2018

Oxford PV

3 Oct 2017

Opvius and the World of OPV

The future of organic photovoltaics is discussed in this article, including information from an IDTechEx interview with Opvius.
27 May 2017

Weihua Solar

17 Apr 2017

Imec and Solliance's perovskite PV modules achieve 12.4%

The module efficiency was measured under long-term maximum power point tracking, testifying to its exceptional stability.
20 Mar 2017

Solliance sets world record for roll-to-roll perovskites of 12.6%

Solliance announces the demonstration of an industrially-applicable roll-to-roll process for the production of solar cells, achieving a record 12,6% conversion efficiency on cell level.
6 Sep 2016

Dyesol successful in 800,000 pound EPSRC grant application

The successful grant application is titled, Optimisation of charge carrier mobility in nanoporous metal oxide films. The background to this proposed research is the recent joint discovery by Dyesol and Cristal that halide modified titania surfaces in Perovskite Solar Cell devices can provide a significant performance uplift.
11 May 2016

First up-scaled Perovskite based PV module with 10% efficiency

Solliance demonstrates a record 10% aperture area power conversion efficiency for its up-scaled thin-film perovskite photovoltaic modules.
21 Dec 2015

Roll to roll pilot production tool for flexible solar cells

Solliance has celebrated its fifth anniversary together with the final commissioning and launch of the roll-to-roll coating line for pilot production of flexible solar modules at the High tech Campus in Eindhoven.
21 Sep 2015

Perovskite photovoltaics excitement

Perovoskite photovoltaics promises over 20% efficiency, low cost materials and even flexible, transparent and stretchable versions dearly needed for new applications. Record power to weight ratio is needed for the electric vehicle end game, the land vehicles, boats and aircraft described in the IDTechEx report, Energy Independent Vehicles 2016-2026.
4 Sep 2015


5 May 2015


Dyesol was established in 2004 to commercialise a third generation photovoltaic nanotechnology called Dye Solar Cells (DSC) or Dye Sensitised Solar Cells (DSSC). The company is now working on perovskite PV cells--one of the emerging PV technologies with rapid efficiency growth.
Included are:
29 Apr 2015

Nanoparticle High Conductivity Silver Ink

Dyesol, Italy
22 Apr 2015

Is Perovskite Solar Technology Ready for Commercialization?

Pervoskite photovoltaics are a breath of fresh air in the photovoltaic market. They demonstrated a remarkable learning curve, going from 2.2% efficiency in 2006 to the latest record of 20.1% in 2014. They have already supressed OPVs and DSSCs and are now, at least in terms of efficiency, in the same range as leading thin film PVs like CdTe and CIGS.
23 Mar 2015


12 Nov 2014

Dyesol signs agreement with SPECIFIC

Dyesol signed an important agreement with SPECIFIC which marks the next step in its plan to commercialise its technology in the U.K.
22 Oct 2014

Dyesol signs letter of intent with Tata Steel

Dyesol has signed a landmark agreement with Tata Steel UK. The agreement will play a critical role in Dyesol creating a commercial base in the United Kingdom to develop, manufacture and distribute its revolutionary solid-state DSC technology.
15 Aug 2014

Dyesol and Sigma-Aldrich sign global distribution agreement

Dyesol Limited has announced it has signed a global distribution agreement with Sigma-Aldrich® Corporation, whereby Sigma-Aldrich will distribute Dyesol's entire portfolio of DSC and solid state DSC materials.