27 Jul 2016

InfinityTM 200 atomic layer deposition system

Encapsulix SAS has introduced its InfinityTM 200 Atomic Layer Deposition system product line optimized for deposition onto 200 mm substrates in a manufacturing or R&D environment.
28 Oct 2015

Meyer Burger

31 Aug 2015

Status of flexible encapsulation to enable flexible electronics

In 2020 flexible barrier manufacturing for flexible electronic devices such as displays will be a market worth more than US$184 million according to IDTechEx Research. That equates to 3.8 million square meters of flexible barrier films for electronics.
16 Sep 2014

Encapsulation of flexible electronics: alternatives to multilayers

IDTechEx has been following closely the space for flexible encapsulation and current trends show case that films or in-line deposition based on multi layers (alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials, also known as dyads) is the preferred technology. Alternatives have also been in development too though, so we will briefly analyze some of the main candidates that could potentially displace multilayer approaches: flexible glass, single layer approaches and atomic layer deposition are the technologies examined in this article.
15 Jan 2014


Encapsulix was founded in 2011 to develop equipment and processes for low temperature encapsulation and barrier coatings. The company developed a novel Atomic layer deposition (ALD) approach based on IP from founder Jacques Kools. The company was in stealth mode until it emerged in 2013.
Included are:
19 Nov 2013

Encapsulix SAS receives order for an Infinity tm M500

Encapsulix SAS has announced that it has received an order from a leading OLED lighting supplier in Europe. The system will be used for manufacturing of OLED lighting applications serving the residential, commercial, automotive, and avionics markets.