JIOS Aerogel

JIOS Aerogel

JIOS Aerogel
7 Oct 2020


Armacell manufacture and supply high-performance foams and insulation materials. With the emerging market for electric vehicles, Armacell is looking to find new applications within the automotive industry relating to the electric drivetrain.
4 Mar 2019

JIOS Aerogel

Update on JIOS Aerogel in March 2019.
6 Jan 2017

New directions for the aerogel market

Alternatives to silica aerogel panel and blanket composites are beginning to gain traction. Silica aerogel granule and powder products are becoming more pronounced as progressively more companies emerge. Meanwhile polymer aerogels are a different class of the material, which can have the potential to act as interesting alternatives to traditional plastic and composite products.
10 Nov 2016

Svenska Aerogel

JIOS mass produce cheap silica powder aerogel using the sol-gel process. Their products are also used in building materials and coatings. They are also looking to expand the manufacturing capacity and have a comparable product price point.
9 Nov 2016

Aerogel UK

JIOS also provide cheap silica powder for coating companies and will look to expand this into other composite products. The capacity of production will increase in the near future
8 Nov 2016

JIOS Aerogel

IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Richard Collins interviewed Patrick Stobbs from JIOS Aerogel. JIOS Aerogel manufacture powder silica aerogel and composite aerogel products.
Included are: