KillaCycle Racing is a world-famous electric racing team, but it isn't really a company - it is a _really_ expensive hobby, even with the help of the sponsors, including A123Systems, Rider's Discount, M&H Tires, Manzanita Micro, and Woody's Wheel Works. Eva Hakansson and Bill Dube' design, build, and race world record holding electric motorcycles. They do it to demonstrate that EVs do not have to be embarrassing, slow, "nerd-mobiles", but can be fast, powerful, and sexy. They also have managed to advance the state of EV technology significantly along the way.
4 Jun 2019

Here Come 800 Volt EVs: Six Companies

An analysis of the big six companies working in 800V EV
20 Dec 2010

Presentation highlights from Future of Electric Vehicles 2010

Some of the highlights on the different technologies covered at the Future of Electric Vehicles conference and exhibition organized by IDTechEx are discussed below. Battery technologies, land, sea and air vehicles were all aired during the event, which delivered on its promise to cover more than just electric car technologies.
10 Dec 2010

Future of electric vehicles in California

The annual IDTechEx conference on the Future of Electric Vehicles - land, water and air held in San Jose, California this week saw 200 attendees with 12 exhibitors including BMW MINI E, KillaCycle and Levant Power.
7 Dec 2010

High Performance Electrics: KillaCycle, ElectroCat and KillaJoule

KillaCycle, United States
5 Nov 2010

Suzuki develops e-Let's electric scooter

Suzuki Motor Corporation has completed a prototype of an electric scooter named the e-Let's and has begun studying its operation on public roads in Japan.
22 Oct 2010

SANYO & SUZUKI co-develop system for experimental electric scooters

SANYO has announced the co-development of the Electric Drive System with SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION (SUZUKI). The Electric Drive System combines a `high performance in-wheel motor*1' and a `high efficiency control circuit', basically developed by SANYO, as well as a `dedicated charger' and a `battery system for electric motors' which uses proven SANYO lithium-ion batteries for consumer equipment. SANYO has supplied the system to the experimental electric scooters previously announced by SUZUKI.
13 Oct 2010

Zinc air for traction batteries and fuel cells

Many companies are now developing zinc air batteries and fuel cells and some actually have them in production. Most hope to make traction batteries this way sooner or later.
1 Oct 2010

High performance bicycle motor

Bosch is entering the bicycle industry with a new high performance electric drive for ebikes.
24 Sep 2010

Nothing's faster than this speeding bullet

The Ohio State Buckeye Bullet team successfully claimed another international record.
23 Sep 2010

Chip Yates electric superbike

Orange County Race Team Unveil World's Most Powerful and Technically Advanced Electric Roadracing Motorcycle.
9 Aug 2010

Electric vehicles in India - Part six

Hero Electric, the leading Indian electric bike and scooter manufacturer, made over 70,000 e-bikes in 2009.
1 Jun 2010

Record breaking pure electric motorcycles

KillaCycle is the world's fastest electric motorcycle. It achieved zero to 60 mph in less than one second and 176 MPH (282 km/h) using A123 batteries.
19 Feb 2010

Two wheel electric vehicles - a bright future

With electric cars increasingly employing energy harvesting in shock absorbers, regenerative braking, thermoelectrics on hybrid engine and exhaust and photovoltaics on the roof, attention is turning to two wheel electric vehicles, starting with regenerative braking in electric motorcycles.
18 Feb 2010

Two wheel electric vehicles - a bright future

Two wheel electric vehicles (EV) have a bright future with sales already a magnitude higher than the numbers for any other type of EV. IDTechEx forecasts for 2010 and 2014 are as follows.