Light Electric Vehicle Association

Light Electric Vehicle Association

The Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) industry has organized a global trade association to develop technical standards for LEVs and promote the use of LEVs worldwide.
Light Electric Vehicle Association
20 Jul 2023

Impact of the European Critical Raw Materials Act on Electric Motors

The European Commission has proposed the Critical Raw Materials Act to "ensure the EU's access to a secure, diversified, affordable and sustainable supply of critical raw materials".
22 Feb 2021

LEVA-EU Proposes new Concept of Zero Tailpipe Emission Vehicles

Trade association LEVA-EU, the voice of the light electric vehicle sector, has laid out in full and presented to the European Commission, its proposals for a new legal classification of light electric vehicles.
22 Jan 2021

LEVA-EU Calls for Amendment to E-Bike Legislation

Trade association LEVA-EU, the sole voice for the light electric vehicle sector in Europe, says companies that solely assemble e-bikes are confronted with discrimination that is threatening their existence. The discrimination makes it almost impossible to start up new companies and could severely hinder the EU's net-zero emissions target.
8 Sep 2020

LEVA-EU Makes Free Battery Transport Information Available

The industry associations for batteries and battery-powered products RECHARGE, EPBA, EUROBAT, PRBA, EBRA, ACEA, MDBTC as well as LEVA-EU announced the launch of a new information platform for the safe transportation, testing and packaging of battery cells, batteries, and vehicles and equipment containing batteries.
12 Jun 2020

Non-Type-Approved E-scooters with Saddle are Illegal

In those member states that allow electric scooters on the road, they are clearly on the rise. With that, the offer of e-scooters with saddle is also growing. However, those vehicles are ticking time bombs since they are completely illegal if non type-approved. LEVA-EU, the trade association for businesses in the light, electric vehicle sector, explains why a saddle makes such a difference.
8 Apr 2020

European Light Electric Vehicle Market Shows Continued Growth

LEVA-EU collects all available statistics on Light Electric Vehicles to provide its members with an overview and thus a better insight into the EU market. The preliminary results for 2019, albeit not complete yet, are very promising.
27 Jun 2014

The USA electric bike market numbers

With a population of more than 316 Million people, buying about 15 million normal bicycles most years, and a demographic that is shifting to an older, but active generation of baby boomers...the USA seems a natural market for electric powered two wheelers.
6 Jun 2011

New e-mobility event is better for component suppliers

Those making subsystems, components and materials for electric vehicles gain little from meeting only the high profile electric car companies at e-mobility events. The queue is very long to supply these companies and the pricing is often extremely challenging. By contrast, a look at the big picture of electric vehicles by land, water and air reveals a huge number of often highly profitable niche applications.
21 Dec 2010

Presentation highlights from future of ev's - part two

Presentation highlights from Future of Electric Vehicles, San Jose, California, December 2010, Pt 2
29 Nov 2010

Oak Park plans a future with electric cars

Hoping to encourage residents and visitors to take the lead in moving the country toward what many believe will be the future of automobile propulsion, the Village of Oak Park soon will offer free parking and vehicle stickers for electric vehicles.
5 Nov 2010

Suzuki develops e-Let's electric scooter

Suzuki Motor Corporation has completed a prototype of an electric scooter named the e-Let's and has begun studying its operation on public roads in Japan.
1 Oct 2010

High performance bicycle motor

Bosch is entering the bicycle industry with a new high performance electric drive for ebikes.
23 Sep 2010

Chip Yates electric superbike

Orange County Race Team Unveil World's Most Powerful and Technically Advanced Electric Roadracing Motorcycle.