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18 Mar 2020


I caught up with Corning on the topic of thin flexible glass. The first I heard about this project was during a 2010 demonstration of the rollable glass at SID. It has therefore been a long journey already.
9 Mar 2020

Mojo Vision

Mojo Vision presented functional contact lenses at Flex 2020. The aim is for these to contain photo-detectors, a miniature display, a power supply and processing capability to provide augmented reality.
21 Feb 2020

C3 Nano

C3 Nano is a producer of transparent conductive films (TCFs) and inks based on silver nanowires. Their films have 30 to 50 ohms/sq, and can be employed in flexible touch screens.
31 Jan 2020

First True Smart Contact Lens

Mojo Vision is building the world's first true smart contact lens, called the Mojo Lens. Mojo Lens is a contact lens with a built-in display that gives people the useful and timely information they want without forcing them to look down at a screen or losing focus on the people and the world around them.
24 Jan 2020


Samsung is a leader in production of QD displays.
4 Jul 2019

AI could be 'game changer' in detecting, managing Alzheimer's disease

Could artificial intelligence be the solution for testing and managing this complex human health condition?
23 May 2019

Get ready for the 5G revolution

EXTENDED VERSION - Nations and industry are preparing for the opportunities 5G investment will bring, says Dr Luyun Jiang, IDTechEx technology analyst on 5G. As featured in the 5G Report by Raconteur distributed in 'The Times'
27 Mar 2019

2019 marks the year for 5G

In this article IDTechEx Research provides highlights from Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 regarding 5G technologies. More information can be found in the brand new 5G report from IDTechEx Research, '5G Technology, Market and Forecast 2019-2029'.
3 Dec 2018


Motorola offers the Bark200U shock-free no-bark collar.
5 Apr 2018

Robot designed to defend factories against cyberthreats

It's small enough to fit inside a shoebox, yet this robot on four wheels has a big mission: keeping factories and other large facilities safe from hackers.
23 Oct 2017

Record for longest range of an electric vehicle

IT Asset Partners have claimed the official Guinness Book of World Records title for the Longest Range of an Electric Vehicle by traveling more than 1600 kilometers at the Auto Club Speedway of California in Fontana over a two day consecutive run.
6 Sep 2016

TouchNetix Ltd

Historic customers.
17 Aug 2016

Flex - Fashion and Apparel division

IDTechEx interviewed the Director of Fashion and Apparel at Flex, who leads a team developing manufacturing capabilities to serve future wearable technology products.
28 Jul 2016

Wearables for children become more discreet

Jiobit will use technology to solve real life problems, starting with keeping parents and kids connected.
13 Apr 2016

Amotech - Offerings for Wearable Devices

IDTechEx met with Brian Lee and Won-Bok Cho from Amotech in Seoul, Korea, in April 2016. During this meeting we discussed Amotech's offerings for the wearable technology industry, including their wireless power transfer solutions, connectivity, protection products and new developments around sensors and flexible batteries.
5 Feb 2016

Kopin Corporation

A licensee of Kopin's
5 Jan 2016


Founded in 2010 and based in Israel, VocalZoom's main product revolves around a laser used to acquire information about facial vibrations during speech. The sensor acts as an interferometer and can reduce errors in speech recognition with background noise by upto 75%.
17 Aug 2015

QD Vision Inc

QD Vision produces quantum dots and supplies components to the display industry, to enhance the backlight of LCD. Their Color IQ technology has been used by several TV manufacturers, including Sony, TCL and Hisense.
24 Jul 2015

Wireless power supply for wearables

Two new transmitter and three receiver coils that are optimally suited for solutions for charging wearables and mobile devices.
23 Dec 2013

T-ink enables new Printed Electronics feature in WIRED Magazine

A print ad in the January issue of Wired provides interactivity thanks to printed electronics.