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Nano ePrint was formed in 2006 following pioneering research at the University of Manchester in the UK. Nano ePrint's technology enables planar nanoelectronic circuits that can uniquely be fabricated in a single layer of semiconductor via single-step patterning. Nano ePrint's devices achieve very high speeds while dramatically reducing circuit size and simplifying manufacture. Nano ePrint has also developed a configurable circuit architecture to deliver the world's first printed programmable logic circuits, allowing one circuit to simultaneously address multiple applications. The Nano ePrint approach opens up prospects for low-cost, high-performance printed electronics across a wide range of market opportunities.
Nano ePrint
8 Oct 2018


PragmatIC's technology is able to manufacture transistors on flexible substrates based on a metal oxide semiconductor. The company is focusing on providing logic for a range of functionality and devices, predominately smart labels and RFID.
31 Mar 2011

More demonstrators at Printed Electronics Europe 2011

As part of its initiatives, the Northern Way sponsored a competition that started about 2 years ago, which required companies to come up with proposals for making printed electronics demonstrators with technologies currently available. Out of all the proposals, 11 were selected and out of those, 8 were funded in order to continue their development.
14 Apr 2010

Integrating Printed Electronics into Real-World Applications

Nano ePrint Ltd, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
30 Mar 2010

Transistors on plastic

Last week, the Photonics and Plastic Electronics KTN put together a one day seminar that gave an overview of the activity in the UK on the topic of flexible organic and inorganic transistors. Speakers were representing both Universities around the country as well as companies that are developing transistor/backplane technologies. Inorganic, organic and hybrid versions are being developed in order to evaluate the performance of each type of device.
22 Mar 2010

PriMeBits memory project goes inorganic

In the European PriMeBits project, a printable electric low-voltage non-volatile memory is being developed for printed sensor, media and wireless ID applications. The main strategy is to utilize printed technology where it has a competitive advantage compared to silicon technology. The project builds on basic research of new materials and components and takes the results into prototyping of new applications. To reduce the research risk, two different technologies for the memory functionality are considered with partially overlapping application areas.
22 Feb 2010

News from Nano ePrint, Novalia and Tigerprint

Nano ePrint partners with Novalia to deliver printed electronic greeting cards for Tigerprint
7 Jan 2010

Printed RFID in 2010

IDTechEx projects that the market for passive RFID tags will grow to over $10 billion in sales by 2019. Much of it will continue to use silicon chips. Dr Peter Harrop forecasts the Printed RFID market for 2010.
3 Dec 2009

Printed Programmable Logic

Nano ePrint Ltd, UK, United Kingdom
23 Nov 2009

Nano ePrint secures grant for research and development

Nano ePrint has already demonstrated that its nano-scale devices not only dramatically simplify manufacture, but also achieve over 10 times the performance and over 100 times the density of conventional printed electronics.
5 Oct 2009

New trends in printed electronics

1 Oct 2009

High Density Printed Electronics

Nano ePrint Ltd, United Kingdom
23 Jul 2009

Nano ePrint developing printed nano-transistors in zinc oxide

Nano ePrint, formerly Plastic ePrint, the 2006 spin out from Professor Aimin Song's group at Manchester University in the UK, continues the development of its remarkable single layer transistor printing system.
21 Jul 2009

Beginner's guide to electronic components - Part II

Part II of a beginner's guide to electronic components and how they are made.
8 Oct 2008

Planar Printed Electronics

Nano ePrint, United Kingdom
30 Sep 2008

Large niche markets for printed electronics

Printed Electronics Asia 2008 is open to 100 attendees from European and American companies only, with an unlimited number of Asian companies attending, which ensures you gain maximum networking benefits from your attendance at this select event.
29 Apr 2008

Metamaterials: Printing the cloak of invisibility

Physicists no longer say that the invisibility cloak of Harry Potter, the vanishing car of James Bond or the Invisible Man are an impossibility. It may be possible to make things invisible by putting a thin layer of a specially patterned material in the way.
10 Mar 2008

Hot RFID topics revealed at RFID Smart Labels USA

What a difference a year makes. RFID progress from highlights at the IDTechEx RFID Smart Labels USA event.
3 Mar 2008

New breakthroughs in electronic inks

26 Feb 2008

Printed RFID at RFID Smart Labels USA Part 2

Further to our article of yesterday regarding news of printed RFID at Smart Labels USA in Boston February 20-21, this event also included Vubiq, Nano eprint and PolyIC.
21 Feb 2008

Organic Electronics Made by a Single-Step Printing Process

Nano ePrint Ltd, United Kingdom