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OLLA Project

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The OLLA project is a Pan European research project, which is funded by the European Commission. It's acronym stands for high brightness Organic LEDs for Lighting Applications, and targets to further develop OLEDs as lighting technology. Coming close to the project end, we here show our latest results at the Printed Electronics Europe.
The aim of the OLLA project is to research and develop high brightness, high efficient white OLEDs and demonstrate its use in general lighting applications.
OLLA Project
2 Jul 2009

Inorganic printed electronics employs new compounds

There are huge opportunities for companies providing inorganic chemicals to printed and potentially printed electronics. Here, Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx, summarises some of the findings from the new IDTechEx report "Inorganic and Composite Printed Electronics 2009-2019."
7 Aug 2008

OLEDs to be rescued by inorganic chemistry?

The largest potential market for OLEDs is for mass produced, flexible, low cost versions, particularly wide area types with long life because they enable many exciting new product concepts to be realised rather than replace existing displays in familiar devices.
24 Jun 2008

European projects accelerate OLED technology for mainstream lighting

The race is on to bring OLED technology into mainstream lighting.
18 Jun 2008

The OLLA project delivers its final milestone

At the end of the project period, the OLLA project consortium presents its final milestone: the basic technology for a white OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) light source, with an efficacy of 50.7 lumens per watt at an initial brightness of 1.000 cd/m² based on the Novaled PIN OLED technology. The OLLA project is a joint basic research consortium, headed by Philips Lighting.
24 Jan 2008

New direction for printed electronics in 2008

The money spent on printed and potentially printed electronics doubled in 2007, as did the number of organisations participating.
22 Nov 2007

2nd report on Printed Electronics USA

$300 billion by 2027 predicted by IDTechEx at Printed Electronics USA for new post-silicon electronics.
27 Sep 2007

Global Comparison of Lighting Efficiency Made Possible

The OLLA project delivered in May this year, OLEDs with an efficacy of 25 lm per Watt, which is twice as efficient as a standard incandescent lamp.
18 Jun 2007

Who is Winning With OLED Lighting?

16 May 2007

OLED Lighting Has a Bright Future

Two and a half years after its start, the European research project OLLA* presents its second milestone: a prototype white Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) light source, with an efficacy of 25 lumen per watt and a lifetime of over 5.000 hours
18 Apr 2007

OLED Lights are coming!

OLLA Project, Germany
3 Apr 2007

Europe Takes Leadership in Printed Electronics

Surprisingly, Europe has been pulling ahead of the rest of the world in many aspects of printed and potentially printed electronics just lately. Learn more in this article.
11 Mar 2005

Europe joins R&D forces on Organic LED technology